Monday, November 30, 2009

somebody thinks he is a big boy!

So remember how I have been complaining that Charlie doesn't want to eat his pureed fruits? Well, apparently Charlie doesn't want to eat pureed ANYTHING! Last week, he started refusing any and all baby food spoon fed to him. This is so very frustrating to me... My solution: try the finger foods! He LOVES to feed him self. Last week I gave him Lucky Charms (minus the marshmallows) and he loved it! (sidebar: I am well aware of the sugar content of lucky charms, however not being prepared to serve my 8 month old finger foods yet, that was all I had. I have since picked up the biggest box of cheerios I could find!)

So we also gave him Thanksgiving dinner too!! I am not sure how much of it he actually swallowed, but here he is chowing on some turkey:

Other things he has had:
-Crackers (wheat thins and Ritz)
-Chicken cubes
-Mashed potatoes (not sure if actually ate this but I gave it to him)
-fresh banana
-fresh (well ripened) pear
-Turkey hot dogs
-whole (cut up) green beans

W was able to spoon feed some squash to him today..not much, but some. His favorite foods are anything that is crunchy. He is not so much a fan of the soft mushy things (like bananas..what kid doesn't like bananas???), but we keep trying. We will keep trying the pureed stuff too until he gets better at the finger foods and not choking!

He also has made great progress on crawling! Ok, well actually he is army crawling!! But, only if he really really wants daddy's phone! He did it a little bit last night, but when I moved the object (in this case a combination lock) out of his reach again, he cried at me. He apparently does not like to be teased. ;)

There is not much else changing with him. He is just growing and getting big like a normal baby. No one would ever know he was a preemie. Wait, have I said that before? Sorry about that...

Wedding plans are coming along. W is trying to thwart my 'special day' by getting the oil changed on my car since it is my only day off and it needs to get done. oh well..I'll try not to think about it. But Mom is handling most of the food prep since she just so happens to be off work next week. And then I just have to clean the house. Not sure when I am going to get this done but it will happen. We have acquired a few guests that will be joining us at the courthouse on Friday. Some are special people that we want there, others are just coming along for the fun of it!! I have my dress (not a wedding gown though), I have my rings, and we just need to get W a ring. Sister-in-law D is going to do something nice with my hair on Saturday. So I think we are set. I haven't really put to much effort in so far, but I think I better get my butt in gear! It's less than two weeks away!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eight Months!

Now that I have added pics to the seven month update..I can write the Eight month update!! Yep...I'm a slacker. Haven't been too good about keeping up witht hings lately...soo anyway...

Charles is eight months old today!! Wow how time flies!! Not much has really changed since his seven month update...just getting bigger. He did cut another tooth today so that that makes a total of four. He still isn't crawling. But he can stand by holdingon to something. We don't have to hold him up, but if we aren't careful he will fall!!

He is still fighting me on eating fruits...yesterday i managed to get him to eat a full tub of pear-pineapple, but had no success today. And lately he has even been fighting meon veggies too. Unless its squash. He is so picky. I keep trying though.. Soon we will go to finger foods. He is loving the 'puffs' right now. I want to try peas this week.

Ok so here are some pics:

Not sure how I got this super cute pose...but I love it!!

Standing all big! And yes he prefers to play on his exersaucer on the outside of it. So silly!

He can kind of hold his own bottle!! If he notices you 'helping' him, he will let go. NAd if you let him hold it on his own, he will eventually choke on it..

Finally found his toes...take his pants off and the toes go in the mouth!

Playing on the strangely warm day in November...his first time in a swing!

Monday, November 2, 2009

7 Mos and Halloween

UPDATE: Pics added (finally!)
OK..Let's get this done!! I have been putting off updating the blog because...Ok I don't have a good reason. I have been busy..underwhelmed at work which actually drains me more than being busy. Let's not mention planning a wedding..albeit small.

So in the last few weeks...Charles turned 7 months!! He is getting soo big! I measured him this weekend and he is 28 inches...thats nearly 10 inches longer than his birth length. He finally found his feet...and he went on a fruit strike. Yep, my kid does not like fruit. I can hardly believe it! I mean seriously, that was most of my diet while I was pregnant! This weekend he also got another tooth. He'll be eating steak before I know it!

He is moving around a lot now, too. No crawling yet, but goes in a mean circle and watch out if you are standing behind him...He is good at backwards! He has also begun reaching out for me..err, anyone. If you hold your hands out to him, he will reach back! (He even went to a random girl at this weekend's birthday party!)

That's about all the milestones as of late. Other than that, I have just been enjoying him and taking him to do 'Fall' things: Apple Orchard, Pumpkin Patch, Halloween costume. I am hoping to start making traditions of these things and I hope he loves it when he gets older!

Back to the wedding for a minute...I have the dress, the rings (well, mine!), the location (my house, ha!), the license, and the invites are out. The only thinkg left is nailing down the 'menu'. Thank goodness for my Mom. She is helping alot and reminding me of all the things we are going to need. Even simple can get complicated. Ugh. Oh well, I am looking forward to a great weekend in December!!

**I can't get my pics to load so I will have to try again tomorrow...sorry!