Monday, December 28, 2009


Wow..Do I have some updating to do!! Every day this month I thought to myself that I needed to update the blog..but I never had the energy! It's been a busy busy month! So here is the recap of December:
-Charles started getting into a sitting position from laying right after Thanksgiving. And from there (the very same day it seemed!) he started pulling himself up on our furniture! He now pulls himself up on EVERYTHING and is also cruising around the couch.

-He has also refined his crawling technique! He went from army crawling to alternating between the inch worm and actual crawling. He can do a real crawl, but seems to get lazy and then reverts back to the inch worm. Its actually really cute!

-W and I got MARRIED this month too!! It was nice weekend for us..we went to the good ol' courthouse and said our 'I do's' with a few friends and family, went out to dinner that night, and then had nearly all of our friends and family over for a celebration the next day! Sadly..we didn't get too many pictures. W and I were both so busy with our guests that we hardly spent anytime together during the celebration..which makes me really glad that we had our day the day before!
-Charlie turned 9 months old this month too! He weighed in at 22lbs and was 29in long at his checkup. Dr says he is doing great and meeting all the milestones he should as 9 month old! Preemie status...What preemie status?!!?

-Charlie had his very first Christmas last week! I can't say he enjoyed it any more than any other day...He is still too young to know the difference, but I enjoyed trying to make him excited. He did love his toys and has already injured himself a few times! Silly boy!

-Yesterday while I was playing with him, I noticed he has two more teeth!! He doesn't seem to be a bad teether...thankfully! He gets a little crabby here and there, but overall nothing terrible. He still sleeps through the night and goes to bed awake without a fuss.

-Oh and that whole eating thing?? Much improved!! He is eating baby foods again! woo-hoo! Although, if it is not a sweet potato or squash based food, he still fights with us. He still loves his cheerios, puffs and yogurt melts. I gave him townhouse crackers and a piece of cheese at a birthday party yesterday and he chomped on those too! He Loved it! We keep trying new things though. I also have been trying to give him the 3rd foods jars.. he is not as much a fan of those though because of the chunks. He still gags a bit, but the only way he will get used to it is to keep trying so I give it to him anyway!

So I think that is the jist of the month of December...Sorry there aren't any pics with this post (I am at work!) . I will try to do a photo update this weekend when I have another four days off!!