Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A new year...

I have been horrible about keeping up on the blog. I just don't know what to write anymore.. We really lead a very mundane/normal/everyday life. Who wants to read that!?!? But here goes a little update...

I picked up a new little hobby...Cookie decorating. A friend posted pictures of halloween cookies that looked fabulous and after asking her how she did it, I tried Christmas cookies. And LOVED it! Here are a few samples:

The kids had a good Christmas. Charles was super excited.  I had many conversations with him about waht he wanted rfom Santa and it was always a 'present'. Didn't seem to matter what was in the present!  Blake didn't quite get it, but he sure did enjoy unwrapping presents! Even some that were not his own! 

Here is a pic of Chasrles on Christmas morning. Love this one of him!

And here is Blake being silly! I love this crooked/devilish grin of his!  And boy is he a determined little kid!  NOTHING is safe in our house anymore.  He moves the dining room chairs around to get what he wants.  Anfd don't try to stop him, he gets MAD!!  He does really good htough if I or W play with him in the toy room.  He needa  lot of redirection if we are not focused on him.

W is super excited that we have finally started his man-cave in the basement!  He won some of his fantasy leagues during football and is finally able to throw some walls up.  We have framing and the start of some rooms. I think it is going to be great when its done! There will be one large living room, two bedrooms, a large office/project room and a full bathroom.  We might just start living down there!