Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I love when progress is made! Here is what we are making progress in these days:

1) My running...Today I ran three miles (per the trainging program I am following). They felt pretty good...and not only that I am seeing tremendous improvements in my speed and heart rate. I now start at 6.2 MPH (9:40 min per mile) and increase 1 mph each mile. Sometimes I do a sprint at 7 mph at the end. So what does that really mean? Well...before I got pregnant with Charles, my first mile was usually around 6.7 to 6.8 mph. I could do 4 miles in about 34-36 minutes. When I was able to work out again after having Charles (about one year ago), I could barely run at 5.5 mph..nearly an 11 minute mile! Also if I tried to go any faster my heart rate would sky rocket into the (high) 190s. That is not good!! Now... during that three mile run today, my heart rate didn't go over 180 until I did the 2 minute sprint at the end. Oh and I feel much much better after a run. Race day (half marathon) is in just over two weeks..I am feeling very anxious about it, but I am doing it anyway!

2) Charles walking...ok so we were making progress, but I am afraid we may have had some regression. For a week or so he was doing really great at standing himself up and not holding onto anything. And he would take steps if you held his hands. But now, when you hold his hands and pick him up to walk, he sticks his feet straight out into the air! He wants nothing to do with it! To say he is stubborn is an understatement!

3) Convincning W to have another BABY! ok no, I am NOT pregnant..but I sure wish I was!! I have been able to get him from saying that charles has to be potty trained, eating on his own, independent, etc. to now saying Charles just needs to walk!! Well..that should be just around the corner, right? Right?! Ok don't get to excited..even if Charles starts walking tomorrow, we are still waiting until this fall. I want to get my body back 100% (just to ruin it of course!) and there are a couple other things to do... Don't expect to see too many posts regarding TTC or me being pregnant though until we announce that we actually are! And we will probably wait till after the first trimester this time. I am just sooo excited that I couldn't keep it in! I also have a lot of nerves coming with this upcoming pregnancy...too many real possibilities of different outcomes that scare teh daylights out of me. But that's for another post another time..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photo Contest

I entered Charles in Parents Magazine cover contest..this is the photo you can vote for:

Ten winners will be chosen..9 by readers and 1 by the go to New York for a photo shoot. The ultimate winner will then be on the cover of the November issue of Parents! I am crossing my fingers..but not holding my breath! (as of tonight we were #3049...ha ha!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Give that boy a scholarship!!

Daddy is already training Charlie to be an all star athlete...check out these moves:

And this is his version of 'So Big'..except we call it 'TOUCHDOWN!'