Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Woo hoo!!I am finally ready to call Charlie a walker!!!! We are soooo very excited! He has been taking steps between W and I or one of us and a piece of furniture for quite some time, but not too much walking without some encouragement...This past week he has really taken off!

We went on vacation a couple weeks ago and when we got back it was almost as if he forgot what to do. But by the next day he was doing more than before we left. He started standing up on his own without assistance and walking across the room...at least the family room!! As soon as we went out of the family room, he either needed to hold on to a finger or he was crawling. This weekend, he got up on his own outside and walked to Daddy! And yesterday, he let go of my hand on his own!! Tonight I came home from work to find him 'running' around the backyard with daddy and the neighbors. He has been walking around the house since!!

Honestly he has a few moments where he crawls, but I think he is pretty much done with it! He is also still a bit wobbly, but I think within a week or two he should be hanging out with the kids next door and chasing them too! So fun! I am so very proud of him!

On a side note...How did it get to be July? And the last week in July at that?? Yikes this year has gone soooooooo fast!!!