Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week

It's been a couple weeks since I did this here we go again!!

I did not take my baby out on THE hottest day of the year (so far) just to show him off to some of our nurses at the hospital..nope, we stay in when its cool!! Good thing he slept the whole way

Last week I had the week off to take care of the baby and I did not wish every morning, after sleeping for 11 hours straight, that he would sleep just a little bit longer!

And I never get on and update my blog at work!!! Ha! I am super productive each and everyday that I am here! Including right now at this very, maybe I am taking a small break.

While watching my nephews last night, I didn't put cartoons on for their entertainment while I tended to the baby! Nope! Honestly they don't have cable at home so they love coming to my house to watch cartoons!

I di not push and push and push W until he got ALL of our stuff moved, essentially by himself, in one weekend, just so that I could live in our new house! We didn't pay rent before and had all the time in the world to wait...but I needed it done ASAP!!

I did not leave my son with my sister yet again...this time for a full day and two more days to follow..I mean after all, I haven't been spontaneously watching her kids for the last seven years!! Love those boys!

And lastly, I did not return to work having a full week off only to call the insurance agent to get a new policy for W's car and spend 1/2 hour on the phone! I absolutely could not do that at home, during my time off..

Ok I must go now as I already got caught posting this 'Not Me'!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The past couple days...

Charlie and I have been hanging out and making due without Daddy :(. But we've been having some fun too!

We apparently have an abundance of wildlife around our new house!! I noticed this little chipmunk guarding our front lawn yesterday:
I tried to get a pic of him outside (this was through the window) but as soon as I opened the door he ran. I noticed a few babies frolicking int eh backyard this morning
I also inherited some rose bushes from the previous home owner. Thesee flowers are from my backyard:
Aren't they gorgeous? You can see another picture of one of my flowers here

This little guy and his mommy came to visit us on Monday:
Our visits always go way too fast, but we always have a lot of fun!

And these two little guys, Bud (in blue) and Sonny came with their Momma yesterday:

Bud even took a little nap in Charlie's bouncy seat!

I met their momma while we were both 'trapped' in RMH for 30+ days. Diane, in the testing room, would always bring us tot he testing room together so we could chat and get some social interaction in. We have kept in touch and her boys are just darling! We are both so thankful that we ended up with healthy babies after going into pre-term labor at 27 weeks.
We also headed up to the hospital yesterday to see some of the nurses and staff that took care of us! They were all happy to see the outcome of the care the provided. They said they don't usually get to see the babies once they have gone home. We also stopped by the NICU. Iw as able to see Denise and Charlie was all smiles and giggles for her. Too bad I am not so good with getting my camera out and didn't snap a single picture! (although I am sure Denise is thanking me for that!)

Lets not forget a few pics of the little man.

We were supposed to go to Lake Summerset today, but Charles has had a busy couple days and it caught up with him today so we are resting. Tomorrow Our new couches come. Woo-Hoo!! So maybe Friday if Charles is feeling better we might make another attempt to go out to Lake Summerset.

Friday, June 19, 2009

3 Months!

(a few Days Late)
I can't believe it's been three months already!!! He is getting so big and interactive more and more everyday. He even moves a bit...when we put him on a blanket or in his crib, we sometimes find him in another corner or turned the other way. He is generally fussy in the evenings, but I usually still get a few good smiles!!

Here are some pictures from this week:

Cranky pants...this is how he is off and on in the evenings.
Daddy took this one of him smiling for me...

Having a chat with Dad...

Waking up from a nap on the floor...

We are all moved in now and just have the small things to put away.
Charlie is doing great in his own room (hopefully I can get some pics up early next week of his room)!! He has gone back to sleeping through the night again, which is so awesome for me. And he is up to taking 6.5 oz bottles every 3hrs during the day.
W is loving all the new room we have too. He got his xbox all set up and has his own little area in what should be a formal dining room. (His stuff will move downstairs when the basement is finished next year). We also got a new king sized bed...lots of room for both of us! He even got handy this week and fixed the master shower (it had two settings, HOT and COLD!). I have to get the dryer looked at seems to be 'melting' any synthetic material (like quilt batting) and it affected charlie's quilt that was hand-made by his grandma.
We ordered a new couch this week too..that should be in within a week or two. So with that I think (and hope!) that we are done spending money for awhile!!
Next week W is heading up to go fishing with is Dad and I have the week off work..I am looking forward to a week of bonding with Charlie and hanging out with some friends! One of the Moms I met while I was hospitalized is bringing her twin boys out to see us on Tuesday. I am so very excited to meet them and see their momma again! A former neighbor may also be coming to visit...and ofcourse some family time is in order: Sister, Cousin-in-law... fun times ahead next week. There will definitely be a few updates next week, with pictures!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving In!

The move has finally begun!!! Woo-Hoo!!

The carpet installation was completed last night around 7pm...W came home and immediately left again to go get what he could out of the storage unit. He was able to move abou 85% of it by himself and was home by midnight. He is working on the rest of it this afternoon and getting a friend to help with our bigger items that are at MIL's house. That's not home any more :)

I am so excited to be sleeping in OUR new home this weekend!!!

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of shopping for all those basics/necessities/staples that we will need. My plan is to go early, crack of dawn early, so as not to run into crowds. I am thinking I may need two carts...but we'll see. It will be hard to push two carts by myself and I know W won't want to go. He is very deserving of some much needed rest.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A whole lot of awesome-ness!

I tried two new things tonight:
1) I switched out C's bottle nipples for 'Level 2s'. Lately it seemed that he was working harder to get his food and wasting more energy. Result: 7oz in 20 minutes!! (6oz of water and 3 scoops of formula=7oz) AND (the bonus) not a single spit up!! I don't know that we will continue to give him 7oz on a regular basis, but I think we might up his usual 5 to 5.5 or 6?

2) After said bottle, it was time for bed. We started the usual routine of laying on my chest and rocking/patting. I think he got to sleep, but when I got up to put him to bed he woke up. WIDE awake it seemed. I put him in anyway. Result: C puts himself to sleep!! He pushed up into a half push-up like when he does tummy time and I patted his back a few times, but he wasn't fussing so I walked away (I had new nipples to wash!). Through the monitor, I heard a couple peeps, but no cries and by the time I was done with bottles, he was OUT!! I usually have to rock/pat him for an hour, sometimes two. LOVE it!

I am hoping the combo of the two items above results in some awesomeness we had up until this last weekend: sleep till morning! The last few nights he has been getting hungry and waking at 3am. Does not bode well for a mommy who tries (most mornings unsuccessfully) to get up at 5:30 am! Although, I do love the smiles we get at 3am (even if he is supposed to still be sleeping!)

Oh and I got on the scale at home with the little guy. Result: 13.2lbs!! He is still small for his 'actual' age, but so much bigger than where he started. His little legs are getting chubs!!

Well I better get to bed to take advantage of his sleep time..I am wiped!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photo Update

Some new phots of the little man...and he is getting BIG!! He is smiling and 'tlking' more every day...too bad I miss most of it because he is the most smiley in the mornings.

I tried to get some smiles...this is the best I got: Here he is just looking so darn cute!
This is his FAVORITE spot...laying on the floor. Which is actually where he is right this very moment. I can hear him cooing to hi favorite toy: a fish with a mirror in it (featured in this post)
And finally, a classic. Post-bath.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The best...

I had a rough day at work yesterday..cried my eyes out on the way home (I have an hour!) but what made it all better: W gave Charlie to me to finish his feeding when I got there and before I gave him the bottle I got some huge smiles!! He was happy to see his momma after a long day! It made everything else disappear!

I LOVE him!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I thought I might like to start participating in this fun weekly confessional! I may not participate every week..but here goes for this week:

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not dump my 11 week old baby with my sister all day yesterday so that I could paint my new house. Nope..not me. I love my baby and want to spend as much time with him as I can and never ever get tired of him! Honestly, I am not sure how SAHMs do it.

I did not give my FIL a hard time yesterday while painting said house...after all he is 60 and not as mobile, but if he is going to help, get it done!

I did not leave my hair dryer in the gym locker room on Thursday. I can not live without my hairdryers (yes I have 2) and do not leave my things laying around. I always have my head on straight and would not forget something as important as my hairdryer. Nope, not me!

I did not allow my BF to use the credit card to spend money like it grows on trees to buy everything we needed to finish painting the house this weekend. Nope, we are very conscientious of our funds and what we can afford. We would never over extend ourselves to have a nice house just to pay for it later!

I did not take my baby back out to the house last night at 9pm just to show it off to MIL. I would never delay putting him to bed at bedtime to brag about my big beautiful new home to anyone who wants to see it!

I did not eat Burger King and pizza in one day after complaining for weeks that I need to lose this baby weight and get my body back. Nope, I am working out every day and eating healthy to lose the last 8lbs.

Ok, that is all I can come up with for naughtiness this last week. Maybe there will be a post next week..maybe not. We'll see...