Thursday, March 24, 2011

22 Weeks

I had ultrasound #8 this morning for another cervical length check...happy to report that I am still measuring in the normal range!!

Most of my cervical checks and ultrasounds have been with the MFM group at the hospital and let me tell you they are great!! At the OB's office, if their order is for cervical check, that is all they do. The tech that I have had multiple times at the hospital is really great. After doing my cervical check she put the wand on my belly to check the baby....and she spent 10 minutes trying to get good pictures of his face for us!! Today wasn't our day though...he was folded in half and his toes were literally touching his forehead! It was really cute but not very conducive to a great 3d face shot. The ultrasound was in the morning and I am afraid he is just like his brother was in-utero: sleepy in the morning. There were soo many days that the testing tech had to to buzz Charlie to get him to move around and show activity.

So we are now at 22 weeks. I have gained about 10-13 pounds depending on the day. I really have very little restraint to food while pregnant. If I want it, I have it, without going too far overboard. Baby is 11 inches and nearly a pound. My repeat c-section will most likely be scheduled for 38 or 39 that leaves 16 or 17 more weeks to go! {I say these weeks assuming we go to term as I am not letting myself think of any other scenario right now}

W and I picked out a name shortly after our 16wk ultrasound when we found we were having another boy. He is going to be Blake Walter. I already have his name in wooden block letters up on the wall in his room. That will be the only decorating I do as he is getting Charlie's old room and I happen to like the theme!

I am going to try to post every week or at least every other week. Thursdays are the days we start a new week in the pregnancy so I will mostly post then.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2 years and 21 Weeks

Charlie turned two years old two days ago!! The last two years have gone by sooooo very fast. I feel like he is growing up so fast and before my very eyes.

At the end of February, we moved him into a new room and his own big bed. We are still working on the transition though...W or I have to lay with him till he falls asleep (yes, we tend to fall asleep with him, especially me!) and he has been coming to our room around 3 or 4 in the morning. He doesn't get to stay though, I take him right back to his bed where he will sleep til 6:30.

His favorite things to do these days are read and watch Caillou. He brings W or I 'a book' all day, and usually it is the same book over and over. He is saying more and more everyday and repeats just about everything. He also knows his {basic} colors (Dr was very impressed at his two year check up!). He received numerous bikes and outside toys for his birthday and he is very anxious to get out there! Yesterday I opened the back door just to fix our rain bucket and he was SO ANGRY that I would not let him outside as well. Soon, baby, soon...

His respiratory issues seem to be under control. We have not had even so much as a sniffle since November...until this week. I came down with a bad cold last week and then he got it on Tuesday. He has a bad ear infection (first in a year) but so far no wheezing or signs of the cold going into his lungs! So as I much as I hate it, the treatment seems to be working or he is out growing it {I am hoping its the latter!}

This pregnancy is going very well so far!! We found out at 16 weeks that we are having another BOY! He is moving around great and measured well at our anatomy scan. I don't think I have let myself accept that we may go to term yet as our problems with Charles didn't start until 27 weeks...6 more weeks to that point. So far I have had countless appointments, 6 17-P injections, 7 ultrasounds...still to go are atleast 14 more shots, a few more ultrasounds and 16 weeks until we are considered "Full term". I will have a repeat c-section somewhere between 38 and 40 weeks if we make it that far.