Thursday, April 17, 2014

Potty (Training) Humor

We are now deep into potty training Blake...woo-hoo!!  For the last 6-ish months, he has been very sporadic and we have tried multiple times, only for him to go once on his own or with some urging by myself or W and then to have an accident not even 10 minutes later.  We didn't want to push him if he wasn't ready as it just creates more work for us so as not to be counter effective.  At this point though, we've got to get this done so he can go to school this fall!

But this weekend...he finally showed signs of being consistent! So here we are, day 5 of no diapers during the day (Charles night trained himself and I am hoping for the same for Blake...not sure how else to do it).  He has had 1, maybe two accidents per day and I am ok with that. 

So now some humor from yesterday:
1)  While on the potty, mid-stream, he tells W "my pee-pee got bigger". LOL!! yes thank you for pointing that out...umm, thanks?

2)  After I got home from work, relaxing on the couch, W goes to check on him in the kitchen and I hear "What are you doing? Go sit on the potty!!"  Blake had retrieved a measuring cup (the 1/4 one to be exact, not one I use for cookies..just FYI), set it on the floor and was in the process of 'filling' it! OMG!! W says, "well he has good aim, he didn't get any on the floor until I startled him"  We were both dying laughing!!!!

I'm sure we'll have more before this is all over...but so glad to be moving past diapers with him!