Sunday, May 31, 2009

We have smiles!

Charlie has been smiling more and more these days..especially in the mornign. Of course I never have my camera ready, but did today! err..I went and got it!

WhenI first asked him to smile for the camers, he just stuck his tongue out at me!

Then he faked it once!

But then we got a good one!!! LOVE IT!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


We have the house! It took only 20 minutes to go through all the closing documents and sign we were driving away it felt so surreal, as if someone were going to stop us and tell us it didn't go through or something bad. Everything just went so smooth that it seems too good to be true!

W now has his work cut out for him..he is painting EVERY room (walls and ceiling) over the next few days! We purchase 13 gallons of paint last night! I will have to stop by at some point this weekend to get pics of him painting. I am not allowed to stay long though...W doesn't want the baby around the paint 'fumes'! It's not like we are using lead based or asbestos! really he will be fine there for a few minutes! W is soooo protective of little C!

Also bonus to us...the carpet isn't in yet! Why is this a bonus? worries about dripping paint! So as soon as the paint is dry and the carpet is in...we will be moved! Hopefully within a week or so...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Changes are Coming!!

Only two more days till W and I own a home together!! I am so excited to have my own place again! This past week MIL has been on vacation in Kansas so have had a trial run, if you will, of it being just us. And let me tell you...I LOVE IT!! I miss having the freedom of moving around my house as I will and being able to walk around naked (ok I don't really do that!), cook whatever I want.. and not worry about messing with someone else's home. MIL may say I had the freedom, but I, myself, did not. I just don't take those kind of liberties in someone else's home because I know how I would be if someone were staying with me. And really it's HER house...I am very grateful to her for letting me stay there and everything she has done for us over the past 7 months! She will be glad to have her house back as well!

So we close on Friday...I think we might be going to get the paint tonight to paint EVERY room!! W will be doing all of that too since I will have the baby. I may have my sister watch the baby for a few hours on Sunday so I can help a little bit! (And because I can't relinquish 100% control over how/when things get done!) Hopefully he can work fast and get the whole house done in a week..but he is limited as to when he can work on the house because I still have to work so he will have Charlie all day. We also have new carpet for every room coming...courtesy of the seller! (It was part of the contract!!!) I am hoping to be moved in in two weeks, no later. I think we can get enough done to move in by then (we have a wedding next weekend so that slows things down a bit...).

This also means Charlie gets his own room!! YAY! Right now he sleeps at the foot of the bed in his crib. And I hear every noise he it will be nice for him to be in his own room. And good for him too!! Hopefully he transitions well! We already bought a monitor so I may still hear everything but I am happy for him to be in his own room!

Charlie is now 'sleeping through the night'!! At least by the medical definition...The routine has become for him to take a bottle between 8 and 9pm, go to bed, wake up for one bottle around 3, go back to bed, wake up for the day around 7. He still eats every three hours and today he wants to eat every two..growth spurt maybe?!?!

Oh, and no, I never posted where he falls in the percentile ranges for his height and weight because according to the charts, he is in the 10th percentile. BUT those charts are for full term, average babies. He was a preemie. So really...I have no idea where he falls! And W can't remember what the Dr said. All we know and care about is that he is growing! And as long as he keeps growing, all is good!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Stats!!

Charlie just got back from his two month well-baby check..and shots!! (no I couldn't take of the sad things about me working, Daddy gets to take him to the Dr.)

W said he only cried because his legs got held down! The actual shots themselves didn't bother him, and he was passed out cold immediately after! W is still going to give him tylenol throughout the day to counteract any possible side effects.

So the new measurements are: weight 11lbs 5oz; length 21 1/2 in. (I will update later with where he falls in the percentile range)

Overall the Dr said he is doing great! And that he is a perfect baby!! (of course he is, lol!) No issues or concerns with him as long as he keeps eating and growing!

Speaking of eating...Charlie is trying to be a big boy and eat 6ozs every now and then! Sounds great, but it really is too much for him as he tends to throw up a bit later (not just spit up). We try to just let him eat what he force feeding. And he usually tells us when he is done (he gets tight lipped and won't take the bottle!) But if he takes it or wants it, we let him have it. I am thinking we might have to control that a bit more going forward. Or maybe he will eat more less often!?!? He is getting so big and already going longer between bottles at night..

Monday, May 18, 2009


So last week returning to work brought on a whole new set of emotions...the biggest one being jealousy! I talked at length with my sister and W's cousin's wife about it. Here's what it comes down to: I want to be with my baby and I get very possessive of him when people feel that they are entitled to him. Don't get me wrong, I want to share him, but I hate that they get 'special' time with him or take advantage of me not being around. I also felt like I didn't get as much time with him as I should have at home...You are probably thinking , 'You got 8 weeks'. However...I was cooped up in a hospital for 5 weeks before I had him and when I got out, I couldn't sit at home, so we went places. Usually it was other people's homes. And those people of course want to hold him...but when we get home I put him in his crib so all his holding time was with others.

I recognize that I am being a bit irrational and extreme because I know in my head that I had more than plenty of time with him and will have plenty of time with him in the future. Funny thing is, I am not jealous AT ALL of W...and he has him the most now! I love that he gets that kind of time with his son bc most Dads don't.

So anyway, this week, I am trying to relax. And not get jealous! And realize that they just love him too. And they will NOT replace me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photo Update

I haven't posted any pictures in awhile, so here some from the last few weeks:

Sleeping is what he does best...especially on Daddy!
Playing on the floor with his new toys...He loves the baby in the mirror!

Eight weeks old! (I forgot to take the picture until I was swaddling him for bed!)

And getting so big in his chair!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back at work..

Today is my second day back at work..a tad bit more productive than the first! LOL!!

Charlie is safe at home with his daddy..and I didn't even cry on my way to work! I knew he was in good hands....

I did get my promotion, however the increase is not what it should have been. And I have good solid evidence that they are under paying me: my ocunterpart that is making $10k more and DOES NOT have the MBA or CPA that I have..hmm, something wrong with this picture???? I addressed it with my boss and he is now looking into the other supervisor's salary and job description to make me comparable. I told him that I do not have to be equal, but I need to be treated fairly. They can't give one employee a 20% increase and then tell me that HR only allows 10%. Not ok...
I got a new boss too...he appears to be about my same age but is two positions above where I am...but he comes from public accounting and they learna nd progress much faster in that environment. I am happy where I am...those public accountants have no free time the first ten years of their career.

Well that's it for now..seeing as I am at work, I should probably work!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What?? Can you repeat that??

My realtor called few hours ago to give me an update on the submitted contract. This what she says, "well, the contract was approved as-is"

Hold on...WHAT?? Yeah, the contract was approved AS-IS!! The owner acepted our FIRST offer. He DIDN'T counter!! (helped that he lives in CA nad is selling his mother's old house...he didn't care, just wanted it off his hands)


So now I am working on selecting the carpet for the house...that has to go in immediately for the loan to go through (by the way the seller is paying for it, but I get what I want!)

We close in 3 weeks! Woo hoo!!! And hopefully we'll be in the house within a few weeks after that..we (and I mean I) have (want) to paint every wall.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Lots of things happening right now!! (sorry this post is not about the little man!)
  • W and I are putting an offer on a house today! It's a great house for the money, we just have to do a few minor things. Like put some type of flooring down (the entire first floor is sub-flooring). You can see it here (there is carpet in the pics, but it's gone now)
  • I head back to work next week. Very sad for me BUT I just got off the phone with one of my bosses and my PROMOTION is getting finalized this week, as in before I get back!!! I have been waiting (and talking about it) for the last year!
  • I will also have a new boss next week as well. My current boss is tranistioning into a new role and they have already filled his spot. I am not a fan of change, especially when I have sucha great relationship with my current bosses, but I hear he is smart and has personality (something hard to find in the accounting world)
So keep your fingers crossed that the offer goes through...if it doesn't, we are back to looking at more houses. I am sooooo very excited to have my own place again! I am grateful for the generosity of MIL, but W and I need to be a family with Itty Bitty in our own place.

Friday, May 1, 2009


So W and I were talking tonight (as if we don't alk everyday...ha!) but we have this ongoing battle of what to call our little man. I (and just about everyone else) call him Charlie, but he is adamant that his name is Charles and wil not call him Charlie.

Then he goes on to tell me...I left my blog up one day in the middle of writing a post and supposedly he went in and changed Charlie to Charles..I have no idea what post though!

He is too funny!

Ok, maybe only I find it funny..but I thought it was cute that he changed my post so that it said Charles!

It's late..I need to go to bed!


Check out how much my little man has grown since we brought him home!

(you can't really tell but that is also the same outfit!)

And Charlie 'played' with his cousin Lincoln who is 6 months old...

Not much else to report (can you tell I've relaxed some!?!? no more frantic posts!) Charlie is still doing really great! He sleeps well in his bed at night and we are working on naps during the day still. And he eats 3.5-4oz every three hours consistently...'s normal, boring baby stuff!

How about a little about me!??! What, you only want to hear about Charlie? Too bad!

I went for my 6 week follow up appointment the other day...I am now resume life as a 'normal' person. No more restrictions! No more bed rest! And I don't have to go back for a year! Yay! Unfortunately that also means I have to go back to work soon :( only one more full week off...I started working out last week, mostly walking but added a bit of jogging Wednesday. I am still sore (not the beely though..the legs!). But I hope to be able to continue adding and get back up to my distance and pace within the next month or so. I am wanting to run a half marathon this fall and really get back in the swing of things.

The one thing the Dr and I didn't tlak about was future pregnancies. I do know that I will be considered high-risk from the moment I get pregnant though. She briefly mentioned at the last appointment that pre-term labor would start earlier in the next pregnancy. That is slightly devastating to me because 27 weeks was too early and I can't imagine being on bedrest or int he hospital longer. Not to mention that the baby would likely come earlier..and also I will have a toddler at home next time! There are some things that I will do differently right off the bat though, like not working overtime, possibly even working only part time in the office and making sure I get lots of rest. Obviously this is all pretty far off in the future..but I like to plan and be prepared!