Friday, February 27, 2009

Milestone Day!!

We've made it to 32 Weeks! Yay! So we made it to our first goal... now just to make it a few more weeks! Two more and I can go home..have I mentioned that before!??! ;) So I may be a little excited to actually go home...even though I will be doing much of the same as I am doing now. Atleast I will have the comforts of home and won't be asked everyday when my last bowel movement was!! Who wants to talk about that..unless you are a 4 year old boy and find poop talk amusing..

Well not much else to report..which is a good thing! It's been a quiet week for the baby...he has passed every non-stress test (NST) and I haven't had any consistent contractions. One here and there is considered normal, and would be even less of a concern if I was in the 'Normal' category!

Later I may post some belly pics...have to get those taken yet! It's been 9 weeks since the last ones and I have gotten a bit bigger!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Exciting news: Since I have been stable (no contractions) Dr says I can go home at 34 weeks!! That's only a little over two weeks away! So I now have something to look forward to!

The baby was measured yesterday too..he is weighing in at approximately 3lbs 14 oz. That puts him in the 50th percentile for babies at his gestation. We're hoping to get a few more pounds on him in the next few weeks.

Yesterday was an exciting day for me! Danyel (and Lincoln), Karen and Lita (and Lita's boys Cal & Mason) all came to visit and brought a few things for the baby..kind of like a 'mini-shower'! I knew Danyel was coming, but the others were a complete surprise! I got to hold little Lincoln for a little while and made him giggle! He is such a cutie...

I got these flowers from one of W's good friends (pseudo brother):

And these were from Karen:

They are beatiful! I received the first bouquet on Friday and other than the roses, it still looks gorgeous!

Here is something fun about being on bedrest...When you lay around all day for days on end, your blood tends to pool, and you become prone to blood clots. To prevent that, the Dr will usually give some type of compression garment, socks or something. I got these nifty little leg 'braces' that go from ankle to mid thigh. Every 45 secs, they fill with air, starting at the ankle to help circulation. I am supposed to wear them all day, but I only do at night.. Aren't they pretty?!?!

While we are hoping to not have a baby for atleast a few more weeks, we are starting to get ready! W was able to put up the pack-n-play for him to sleep in and he is also getting ready to put the carseat in the car. We have a few more outfits and clothing for him. And I am hoping to get out of here with enough time to go get some of the other essentials like baby wash, diapers, wipes, and maybe some more onesies.

I also met one of the other moms that is staying here as well. She is pregnant with twin boys! She is 29 weeks and was admitted two days before me. The poor thing has been on the mag the ENTIRE time she has been here! Everytime they take her off or lower the dose, her contractions pick up. They haven't been able to get her contractions to completely stop. Poor thing. Oh, and she is from McHenry so its even harder for her husband and family to visit her.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing new...

Finally saw the Dr. today...she really didn't have much to say, just wanted to make sure we are still stable. So far so good! She did say that the crampiness could come and that will be fun to look forward to! She did stop infusing fluids too, but is leaving the IV line in for another day or so to make sure I am stable. It's easier to leave it then to remove it and then have to restart an IV. Eventually I will run out of spots to put it in...

After all of yesterday's activity (and not that this is a news flash) I've realized it really is good that I am here...I am having a hard time distinguishing between contractions and 'other' pains (if you know what I mean!) And had I been home, we would have ended up back here and probably on magnesium again. Fortunately they did not have to put the mag on yesterday, I really hate that stuff.

Friday, February 20, 2009


The last post was written Monday (2/16) night. Since then, I have seen a Dr. (there are three in the practice I go to) everyday. Sometimes its for a couple minutes, many times it is just to 'check' on me. Since there is little to no activy there is not much to talk about.

We were doing good all week..I had my IV out last Sunday and have been able to move about my room as much as I wanted (although really the only time I am out of bed is to go to the bathroom and shower). This morning started off the same as every other day..meds at 6am and Dr visited shortly after (this particular Dr likes to do his rounds EARLY!). But then something new...cramping piercing pain in the low front center of my belly..continuaously peaking and easing. I was put on the monitor, but it wasn't showing any contractions. Shortly after that they took me down to the testing center. This is a daily monitor for contractions and also fetal activity (more on this in a minute!) Again still no real contractions, but still in pain. And it got worse back in the room an hour later.

While in testing, they were able to finally get a hold of the Dr. She ordered an IV for fluids and in preparation of starting me on magnesium again. And I was checked for any further dilation (still the same, 2-3cm) Of course at that point the pains were going away and much farther in between each one... I was kept on the monitor all day and only one real contraction was picked up. I am still a bit crampy here and there, and lots of pressure when I stand, but otherwise am doing fine.

My biggest problem currently is that I don't always feel my contractions. For anyone else this would be great..but mine are progressing the process of labor. And if I can't tell them its happening, then they won't know to check me for further progression. I am monitored 3x daily, but usually only for an hour each time. It is only more if I complain of pain or if they detect contractions during testing.

So back to today's (and yesterday's) testing...The past two days, I have been taken to testing early in the AM, right after breakfast. The few days before that, it was in the afternoon... Turns out my little guy is NOT a morning person (takes after BOTH his parents!). When they put the heart rate monitor on for him, they like to see him 'perform'. He ahs to be active enough to cause changes in his heart rate, just like our heart rate changes when we are moving around. His was to steady for too long, it ws strong still just not enough fluctuation. So he got buzzed!! Let me tell you, he does not appreciate that! The buzzing is this little device they touch to my stomach that mostly just gives concentrated vibrations to the baby to make him move...I call it getting tazed, just no electric shock! It was effective though!

So end of day..we are still pregnant and currently at 31 wks. We are still maintaining our short term goal of making it to 32 wks...only one more week to get there!

And then we went back..

This is my facebook post after finding out that I was stuck in the hospital until delivery or 36 weeks..whichever comes first! The Dr said there is a small chance I could go home at 34 wks, but not likely. They (the practice) will decide then...

I had my 'regular' OB check up this past wednesday, also scheduled was an ultrasond for cervical length. If you recall, when I left the hospital I was about 25% effaced (thinned cervix). This check found that I had progressed to about 50-60% effaced..not a good sign. I was sent immediately to the hospital (with a short stop at home to get a few things). I was hooked up to monitors to check for contractions and fetal heart rate. Unbeknownst to me, I was having contractions! So I went another round of magnesium-sulfate to stop contractions. Initially the dr was hoping to have me back home by the weekend. By Friday morning I had held off contractions long enough to discontinue the magnesium. That lasted 6 hours. I started having regular, albeit mild, contractions again in the afternoon. So more magnesium. And a weekend discharge was totally out of the question. Friday evening they moved me to the high risk unit again (out of labor & delivery) and the magnesium was discontinued again Saturday morning. In order to get released I had to continue to stay stable (no contractions) long enough to do another cervical length test. (It is pointless to do a cervical length check during pre-term labor contractions, as contractions general purpose are to thin the cervix and dilate the opening)

So that brings us to today. I haven't had a contraction since Friday evening (that I have felt anyway) and so a cervical length was scheduled for today. I was told by the Dr that I would be able to go home as long as my length is greater than 1cm (at this point in pregnancy they want it to be 3-5. The length on Wed was 1.3cm). From the first measurement on the ultrasound screen, I knew I wasn't going home: length was .59cm. Half of what I needed it to be able to go home...and not only that it is wide open! (The cervix is supposed to be like a bottle neck, long but pinched together at the top. As labor and delivery approaches, the bottle neck gets pulled up and widens to allow the baby to make an exit...but this shouldn't start happening until 37 wks or so) So essentially the baby could come at anytime and at some point they will not be able to stop the labor. Although they will make every attempt to do so unless my water breaks..

I haven't seen the Dr since the ultrasound today and don't have 'official' word, however it is very likely that I will be here til delivery or 36 wks (5.5 more weeks). It was very disappointing to me when I came to this realization today. Don't get me wrong, I want a healthy baby and I want to be able to take my baby home with me and I will do what I have to do to make this happen...but there is still nothing like being home.

Physically, I feel fine (unless on drugs!). I have had a few 'moments' dealing with the stress of everything..but otherwise am fine. The baby is doing great. He is very active and has always maintained a strong heart rate. So despite his 'environment', he seems to be strong and is still thriving..

It goes without saying that our goal is a healthy, full term baby..but given the circumstances we also have tobe realistic. Our first goal is to make it to 32wks, while still early, many complications go away: brain bleeds and impaired vision are the big ones. Lungs and weight are an issue too, but he has been given steroids to stimulate development, and those can be addressed at delivery. Every day/week we make it past 32 will be a blessing and greater assurance of a healthier baby.

The first trip to the hospital..

This what I posted on my facebook after I was discharged the first time January 28..

So we had little, ok maybe not so little, scare this week: My little boy thought he might want to come a bit early!I woke up Sunday morning with what I thought was indigestion or gas...however instead of being a steady pain or pinching, the pain was every 5 minutes that completely subsided in between. after about half hour of watching the clock and timing when the pains came, I decided we should go to the hopsital just to make sure. Inititally they thought maybe just dehydration and so an entire bag of fluids was pumped into me in about 10 minutes. When that didn't work, I got a shot of Terbutaline. That was like a shot of speed! After the terbutaline, the Dr came to examine me and found I was 2 cm dialated. That is when I got nervous. And then I was whisked over to Rockford Memorial where the NICU is just in case. In the mean time I was started on Magnesium sulfate and given a shot of steroids to help the baby's lungs develop a bit faster.I contracted all day, watching the monitors I was attached to. I was having them fairly regular, about every two minutes. I felt them come on and subside, however they weren't painful anymore (thankfully!) At bedtime, I rolled over to my side to sleep and that brought on a few painful contractions. I was given a shot of dialudid in the hopes that it might also help stop the contractions, as well as motrin. FINALLY the contractions stopped Monday morning.I was a zombie all day Monday. Those drugs were awful. I was fianlly taken off the magnesium at 4pm, transferred OUT of labor and delivery (into High Risk), and put on Pro-Cardia. I have not had a a contraction since Monday morning!

My little boy handled it like a falters at all in his heartrate and since being off all the drugs, he is more active then ever. All scans show that he is looking good and is still comfortable in there! They let me out this morning on bed rest. So no working, partying, shopping, etc for me until I am 36 weeks...EIGHT WEEKS AWAY!!

Why are we here?

I thought pregnancy would be a breeze! And it was until 27 weeks and 2 days when everything fell apart!!

So here is the blog to help keep everyone updated, while I am still pregnant and then when our little boy arrives as he will most likely be in the NICU and not everyone will be able to make it to see him...

(I could potentially deliver anyday..although with my luck, we will go through all this and he will come on his due date or later!!)