Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Adventure!

Wow...so sorry it's been THREE MONTHS! since I last posted!! A lot has happened yet not a lot has happened ;) Today is my last day of work this week until after Christmas so maybe this week I will find some time to add some updates about Charles.

The biggest update of all for Charles is that he is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!! W and I found out about a month ago that we were expecting another little one! We are very excited yet very nervous.

Before even planning to get pregnant, we sat down with our Dr to discuss what would happen with our next pregnancy. We had a plan...17-P shots starting at 16wks, careful monitoring, taking it easy, pelvic rest, etc etc. And we knew that later in the pregnancy we might have complications. Except we didn't know later meant at our first appointment, at 7 weeks.

You see, I had an ultrasound done and while talking with the tech, I mentioned the issues that had occurred during my pregnancy with Charles. And so she measured my cervix. 2.5cm. Yikes! Normal range is 3-5cm. So we are starting off already in trouble...and there is NOTHING they can do right now. There is nothing they can do to save my baby if my cervix opens up at this point.

I left the appointment feeling fine, but by the end of the night (we went out with friends afterwards) all of the 'What-ifs" came flooding in my head and I was a wreck. The biggest fear I had was that we wouldn't make it the 16 week mark to start treatment and that I would never be able to carry a baby long enough for it to be viable. I have since put those thoughts out of my head and am now just going day to day, each day getting us closer to 16 weeks. I go back to our regular OB next week at which point she will write a referral to the High Risk group at our local hospital. It is likely that I will a cerclage placed, and for my sake I am hoping that it is earlier rather than later. I am just hoping that I can also resume fairly normal activities within a week or so of the placement.

I know Dr. M is going to take great care of us. She is very compassionate and asks about Charles each time we see her. I wasn't aware but he was her first 'trouble' baby! She has him on her wall with pride that she got me as far as she did and we got that happy healthy little boy!

So right now I am 8 weeks and 5 days...in approximately 7 weeks we will start the 17-P injections. Just holding on for that day now. And if you ask me if I want a boy or a girl, my response will be I just want a baby.