Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Goal #1: ACHIEVED!!!

Not sure how I did it (you know, because I LOOOOVVVEEE food) but as of today I am calling it official that I have met my #1 weight loss goal!!  I am not going to tell you my weight but I will tell you that I have lost 12.3lbs since January 20.  I have changed my eating habits and trained for and ran a half marathon in that time, but I don't think it was enough to warrant a 12lb weight loss...I think this new medication I am on (for a different issue) is contributing as much of the loss occurred after I started taking it. I am not complaining AT ALL!!  I am hoping to lose another 5lbs but am happy where I am at now.

In other news...Charles has for some reason decided that he HATES baths now.  He used to love them and would stay in there for an hour if we let him, but now...He is screaming at the mere mention of having to take a bath. And I mean all out melt down, uncontrollable sobbing complete with snot, a red face and saying he would rather go to bed.  I can think of a few contributing factors: 1)  He doesn't like to involuntarily share space with his brother (sad, I know), and well, Blake doesn't like to sit still.  So to be confined to the bath tub where he cant get away is traumatizing to him.  2) He detests having water in his face and each time we wash and rinse his hair, he gets water in his face.  I have tried to have him "Look at the sky"  but he puts his head down as soon as I start to put water on his head.   It wasn't always so bad. It started out as just crying during hair washing and progressed to what it is now over the last week.  We are going to try some things to see if we can get him back on track...separate baths, more "looking at the sky", letting him do it himself, and more importantly talking to him about why the bath is scary.  He doesn't have a good answer to that (I mean, he is only 3!) and if you suggest something like Blake or an owie, he will agree and make up some story that I don't understand. 

W went away for the weekend last week...It was just me and the boys for FOUR full days. Yes, I know what you are thinking...I am their mother, people do it all the time, its not a big deal. I know this.  But it's not MY routine and well Blake is high maintenance.  But we survived!  It was actually really great.  We had one night of awfulness (see aforementioned bath trauma) but otherwise I think we did ok.  The boys survived and were both very happy to see their Dad.  Charles was even more ecstatic because the iPad came back! Ha!!  W took it with him on the trip to watch movies, listen to music, etc.  C asked for it multiple times and was very sad each time i told him that Daddy had it.  Soo funny!

Blake..well he is Blake!  He (in the most loving mom voice ever) is my punk baby.  He wants what he wants and there is no diverting his attention or making him do something else (see aforementioned bath issue).  W had to sit on one of floor vents yesterday to keep him from messing with it and he cried the whole time. So sad that he couldn't get it.  He is such a momma's boy...I can't so much as walk out of the room without having him scream.  Yesterday he actually got up before I left for work and was in the family room with W when I came out to make my lunch and leave.  He got mad that I didn't pick him up right away and then when I did he wouldn't let me put him back down so I took him in the kitchen with me...but then when I actually had to leave, meltdown city with the cry that just breaks your heart. I am sure he was fine within 2 minutes of me leaving but it tugs my heart strings every.single.time.  He is starting to walk now too!! It's sooo cute. He lets go of the couch more and takes more steps each day.  He is way ahead of his brother on that! C didn't walk until 17 months and had zero interest in it.  And he has 6 teeth now...two more popped in this week.  Blake has also decided that he doesn't like baby food anymore.  He wants to eat big people food or at least be able to feed himself.  Its a struggle to get enough into him.  We still get up multiple times a night most nights....I can't even say its getting better because it is different every night. And most nights bedtime is a nightmare.  Wow that's a lot of complaints! I love that kid and when he is not being stubborn he cracks me up!  He is always smiling and I have found his ticklish spot and his giggles are the cutest things ever!