Sunday, July 12, 2009


Nothing exciting going on around here these days...just life!

Last week we got Charlie's 3 month pictures done and also some family pictures:

You can see pictures of my entire family (sisters and their kids and husbands) here.
And here is the long awaited picture of Charlie's room. It turned out really cute! I didn't go crazy with all the accessories for the theme but got just enough to make it interesting. He is never really in there except for sleeping and diaper changes. But he does like to look at the wall when I am changing him as the border is right at his eye level.

This is Charlie's cousin Joey. They both just love each other! Joey and his brother Ben are anxious for Charlie to get bigger so he can play with them. Ben asks me a lot if Charlie has played with certain toys, and both ask when he will do things like walk or talk.

Today we went to visit with one of my old neighbors. We ran the board while we both lived in the condo building. She just loved seeing Charlie and getting a baby fix and I really enjoyed catching up with her and letting her be 'grandma' to Charlie for a little while!! She recently became a grandma as well.
Charlie goes for his 4 month appointment and shots this week...I am taking off work (kinda) to go to his appointment this time. It's kind of a big one as we will discuss when to start solid foods! I am excited for him to meet this milestone, but also don't feel that he is ready. So we'll see what the Dr. says. We may just play it safe and wait till next month when he goes for a follow up with the NICU clinic. (Denise if you are reading its Aug 26).
Speaking of work..I think this past week was the hardest so far for me. I work in accounting and with that there is an expectation of overtime during the month end close process. I am still trying to balance being a mom and a professional. I have a hard time not seeing Charlie at least for an hour each day. Monday I didn't see him at all. I just have to remember a few things:1) I cant EVER be there for everything 2) Its only a day here and there that I will miss 3) I am still his momma and he will still know who I am after a day and will still love me!
That's about all that is going on around here..unfortunately real life is BORING!! :)

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