Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy went fishing!!

So I spent the week with MOMMY!!! Yep ..its Charlie! I hijacked the blog from momma tonight to let you know how much she dragged me around the state of Illionois! I had a good time with mom, but man she wore me out!

So our week started with Sunday. Daddy left really early in the morning, before I got up even. mommy was bored by noon, but it rained ALL day!

Monday...Aunt Danyel and my cousins Lincoln and Kingston and Nate were going to come visit but we went there instead! I played in the pots and pans with Lincoln..
And Kingston looked on!
Tuesday we went to visit Mom's old neighbor and friend Judy. She has a Granddaughter named Dottie and we played! Judy gave us a yummy lunch and we visited till going to see Aunt Val and Uncle Mike.. You can't see my face in this picture, but I was laughing! Uncle Mike is fuuunnny!!
After walking around the mall in the morning on Wednesday...Mom and I went to the pool with Auntie and cousins Joey, Ben and Tommy (he didn't swim though..he too little). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the water!! I need to learn to wlak wasn't too deep but almost too deep for crawling. Mom rescued me a couple times!
Thursday we went tot he Zoo! my first trip...although it was hard to see the animals. I did get to pet the atleast I tried! I got too excited about the water and splashed alot though. I think I might have scared them away..Ben did not appreciate this as he REALLY wanted to pet the stingrays.

Friday was bit more relaxing...Aunt Danyel and my cousins came to visit and we played. Then mom went to get a new cell phone and Aunt Danyel left rather quickly to try to beat eh awful storms that rolled through...(mom forgot to take pictures though)

And Saturday we went outside to clean up after the storm and I got stung by a wasp!!! It didn't feel too good and my arm was red for awhile, but I feel fine now. Mom gave me juice and I was all good! (oh, and I got my own was in my new favorite place, on the coffee table!)

Daddy surprised us around 7 last night and I gave him big hugs and his Daddy day present. I was sure glad to see him and so was Mommy!

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