Friday, April 15, 2011

...23, 24, 25 Weeks!!

**Disclaimer: I did add paragraph spacing, however blogger keeps deleting the spaces. Will try to fix from home later tonight** So sorry I missed couple weeks...It was busy time at work and frankly after working three 14 hour days in a row I had no energy to post an update. but wait that only really accounts for one week, right? Ok I am just a slacker! And why the hell am I working 14 hour days while pregnant?? Insane... So, anyway, here we are at 25 weeks {as of yesterday}...per my doctor I am measuring perfectly! My weight...well let's just not talk about that right now and hope that the gaining slows down a tad in the next few weeks. Right now I am on tack to gain 50lbs!!!! Yikes!!! I think I only gained 35-40 with Charles with bedrest and eating to my hearts content... A co-worker says its all in my stomach though..gotta love her despite her 'lies'! I have now received 10 shots of 17-P, was placed on Pro-cardia a few weeks ago, and am still visiting the OB weekly. Next week I get another cervical check and May 4th is my next ultrasound and the dreaded glucose test. Starting June 1 I will be going to the OB twice a week...that should be fun. Dr M is already thinking about placing me on a part-time work schedule at that time as well. As far the baby goes...Blake is doing great. Everyday I feel more and stronger kicks. Last night I was able to watch my entire stomach flop around with his movements. So awesome! His heartrate has been in the 140s at each appt. According to, he should weigh about 1.5lbs, comparable to a rutabaga, and about 13.5 inches long. I sooo can't wait to meet him! And can't have a post without mentioning the Big Boy!! And big he is getting. He is saying more an more words to me everyday and his speech is coming along. This morning he sang "Twinkle twinkle Little Star" to me. It is sooo stinking cute. He did get some playing time out side this past weekend, but it's not looking so good for this weekend. It's going to be cold around here! His latest thing is he loves my sunglasses..and if he sees my purse, he wants them. Smart boy knows where I keep them! So I got him his own (because, you know, I don't want mine broken!) He wears them All.The.Time. Loves them. He has his quirks but man they are cute little quirks! We are stillllll working on the transition to the big boy bed. W or I still have lay with him to go to sleep each night, and that can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. He is getting better at going to sleep faster though. W tried one night make him stay in bed alone. Holy melt down!! And now if you leave the dark room with him alone, he will either follow immediately or start to cry. I think there is still some fear to be worked out. Once he is asleep, though, he stays until 5 or so. He went a whole week of not getting up until 6 but I don't know what happened to that.... Too bad he is sooo stinking cute he gets away with soo much! Love that boy!

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