Thursday, July 19, 2012

My poor poor baby...

He is riddled with second baby syndrome!!  Poor thing had a birthday over TWO weeks ago and I STILL haven't posted about it!!! 

So sweet little Blakey turned 1!!!!!  We had a small but very HOT party for him on his actual birthday on Sunday July 1.  I sadly didn't take too many pictures...but he had a good time playing in the baby pools we had set up.  He didn't want his cake though and started reaching to get out just about as soon as I put it front of him.   I did a construction theme for him which turned out really cute!  As part of the theme I put "Dirt Cake" (pudding and crushed graham crackers) in a dump truck.  So cute!   We were also pleasantly surprised by the attendance of an old but great friend of mine and her little girls.  They seemed to have a lot of fun too.  It was great to catch up with her and meet her babies.

So what is he up to now!?!? Oh my oh my he is so so naughty!! He is into everything!! And I do mean EVERYTHING!!  He is walking like a pro and just about running.  He likes to be chased and puts his arms straight in front of himself when he runs away..hilarious!  He has a love for the garbage can and his dirty diapers (don't ask, I don't know!).  He also likes to put anything he can in his mouth.  He knows he is not supposed to as he will show me he has something in his mouth and then giggle and run away!!  So hard not to laugh at him!  He loves his brother and also loves tormenting him...he will take something of Charles', giggle, and run away!  Charles' falls for it every.single.time!  Sadly, he still gets up 1-2x a night.  The last couple nights I have thrown a bottle of water in his crib to see if all he wants is a drink, but he still gets up. Maybe one day he will sleep through the night.

He had his 1yr appointment ans is weighing in at 23lbs 6 oz and 30 in.  Compared to Charles, they are identical in height and weight at 1 year!

I will try to add some pictures tonight if I can get on the computer!

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