Thursday, October 30, 2014

Where have I been?!!?

BUSY MAKING A BABY!!!!!!  Wa- hoo!!!

It finally happened for us, we are expecting our third and final child to complete our little family!

So I'll back up a little in case you are new to this little party.

After this,  we waited the requisite two months to start trying again.  In the meantime, I continued to track my cycle and research ways to help me get pregnant.  We set a time limit of three months as it was time to move on.  I was at peace with this decision, and that was not easy to do.  The first two months came and went. I was frustrated, again, so the third month I essentially gave up.  We had Blake's birthday, it was 4th of July, I had oodles of cookie orders, family coming into town to excited about... And so we didn't really 'try'.

A couple days after our family left town again (and of course having some wine with their visit!!!), I was feeling off.  Headaches (sometimes normal for me), nausea in between meals (NEVER normal for me), blood sugar off... I went home from work early on a Tuesday, took a nap and asked W to go get me a test.  (yea, I was out of my stockpile, lol!)  He asked why I couldn't just wait till the next day...Have we met?!?!?!?!?  I wanted to test, but really I didn't have any expectations.  We weren't even trying, I had no idea when I ovulated, the chances of being pregnant were so small. was POSITIVE!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!  I called the Dr's office the very next day.  Beta #1 was 22, Beta #2 48 hours later was 61.4!!  YAY! We are finally moving in the right direction!

I made my first appointment at 9 weeks and they gave me a firm due date of April 1!  baby looked great and had a heartbeat...huge sigh of relief! Dr right off the bat states that the goal with me is to make it to 36 weeks for delivery.  So our game plan will be the same as we did with Blake. 17P injections here we come!  Also she saw a cyst so another ultrasound to be scheduled in 4 weeks.

Everything has been progressing normally so measured right on track at the 13 wk ultrasound, the cyst was gone and we were able to get a preliminary gender!!

At 16 weeks we had a cervical length check...measured great, within range of normal.  However baby is breech and we were not able to definitively confirm gender.  So another cervical check at 18 weeks..still measuring great and baby is a GIRL!!!!!!

Her name will be Natalie Michelle...and so many people are ready to spoil her after being the first girl grandbaby in nearly 12 years!  We are so blessed with the friends and family that we have and so thankful for their support over the last year and a half..I haven't directly expressed my thanks to you...THANK YOU!!

So that brings us up to the present..I am 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  Potentially already past 'my' halfway point! If all goes well baby should be here sometime in March.

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