Thursday, September 10, 2009

TWO big milestones today!!

My baby is getting big!!!

1) Charlie's two bottom teeth broke through!! You can't see them yet, but I can sure feel them! So far, he is a good teether. He hasn't been especially fussy and is still sleeping through the night. He is, however, gnawing on his hands any chance he gets, and yesterday started a runny nose. Hopefully in the next couple days they will be through enough to get a picture (if he lets me of course!)

2) He can now get up on his hands and knees! Tonight I watched him progress from just pushing up, to rocking, to being able to move one leg forward. he hasn't quite figured out how to pick up the hands to go forward though so he face plants when that leg goes forward. Too cute!!

I hadn't blogged about it before, but he started rolling over (back to front) a couple weeks ago. He will actualy go to his tummy as soon as you put him on the floor on his back. Fortunately he hasn't been rolling over too much in his crib. It's almost as if he forgot how to go from front to back!
Here are some rolling picks ..(sorry he didn't cooperate for me to get him all the way over..)

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