Friday, October 16, 2009

Could it be!?!?

Well I didn't do intervals today (or yesterdy for that matter)..But, I did pick up the pace on a steady 3 mile run! I am now up to 9:40 minute mile! Woo-hoo!! Still a far cry from what I used to be able to do..buta lso a far cry from where I started six months ago upon release from the Dr.

Could I finally be getting my strength and endurance back!?!? I was able to run five whole miles tonight..with one short break in the middle. And I didn't feel like I was dying or that my lungs were bleeding! Finally, I feel like i am making progress!!

Pregnancy, seven weeks of bedrest and a c-section really took a toll on my body. I am fortunate that my weight is not really showing it (just a few extra pounds), but getting back into running after being a regular 5-mile a day girl has been really really really hard. I get so frustrated that I can't do what I think I shoul dbe able to and I end up quitting. This last break was for three weeks, but since I feel so good after this week, I might be able to keep it up!

So the plan is to continue intervals next week in hopes to increase speed and then I am going to follow a marathon training program for some structure and guidance for increasing endurance. It will be my second attempt at this, but it's looking more promising and appealing to me now!

Here's hoping!

Btw- Sorry this isn't about Charles! Yes, he is seven months old; yes, I need to blog about that; no, it's not tonight!

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