Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Things Thursday

So I am WAAAAAYYY over due for an update!!! An in an effort to continuously or get on a more regular updating regimen I am starting "10 Things Thursday". Starting TODAY!

1. I am still breastfeeding Blake. After my last post, things really started to fall into place and it got easier. My goal was 6 months of breast feeding but I will be weaning a little bit earlier than in next month. I still don't love it. While I am able to pump enough for him (and occasionally put some in the freezer) during the day, by night time I just feel like he is struggling to get everything he needs/wants for bed time. We nurse at 6/6:30 when I get home and then from 7:45-8:30ish when he goes to bed. It leaves very little time for me to spend with the big boy and is very frustrating for me.

2. I am still NOT working out. It makes me sad some days, but I am still sooooo tired ALL.the.time. Blake is still not sleeping through the night (usually he only gets up once) and I NEED my sleep to function. This also means I haven't lost all of my pregnancy weight...and that makes me even sadder :(

3. My big boy is getting soo big...and Smart!! He knows his letters: upper case, lower case and the phonics of each letter. He has a Leap Frog letter thingy and he is now tracing the letters on the screen. He also knows his numbers and counts to twenty, although fifteen is pronounced five-teen! So cute!

4. We moved Blake into his own room this past weekend. He has been in his crib (in our room) for some time now, but this weekend we move it back to his room. I was hoping it would lead to better sleep for all of us and Blake would start sleeping through the night. No such luck yet. He still gets up at least once between 3 & 4. For me though, it is nice to be able to move freely about my room after he goes to bed.

5. When Blake was born, we began referring to Charlie as the 'big one' and Blake as the 'little one'. One morning Charlie got up before all of us (Blake included) and independently went to play in the family room. When Blake woke me and I realized Charlie was out there I tapped W and told him "the big one is in the family room"; he responded with "The big one is dead" Huh?? Clearly he was not awake yet!! I said, No the big one is alive and well and his response was "and kicking" Still not awake!! The other day when I woke him as I was leaving for work, he told me to have fun shooting a gun. Huh?? My job brings me no where close to using/seeing/touching no less shooting a gun!! And he makes fun of me for saying funny things in my sleep!

6. Charlie LOVES him some chocolate milk. He gets it at night time when we put him to bed. And if you ask him if he wants chocolate milk he usually responds with "choc-at milk nu-nite?" This is horrible. We are breaking the 'good parent' rules of sending a sippy cup to bed with him. Thing is I really think he can go to bed without it. He used to go to bed in his crib without a sippy, but it became a crutch to us to get him to sleep in his big boy bed. Over the last couple weeks, Charlie would occasionally get out of bed around 2ish. Most of the time W gets him and goes to bed with him (C has a queen size bed)..but lately I have intercepted him and put him back to bed with no sippy, by himself. He goes back to sleep just fine. So I really think he could go to bed initially without it. Now I just have to get W on board....

7. Who needs naps?? I DO! I DO! Charlie seems to think he doesn't. This make me very sad..for multiple reasons. The biggest being that I don't always get a nap on the weekends because he is still up. It has been a month now since he has taken regular naps. Needless to say he is VERY tired by the end of the day and bedtime is VERY easy!

8. I really really want to write about some recent pursuits...however I have a self imposed rule about talking about work on the ol' blog. It's not that I don't want to share because I do...and it would be really therapeutic to get my thoughts out, but I just can't do it yet...

9. Ever heard of the 'second child' shortfalls? Yea, poor Blake is already suffering from being the second child! He is over three months and I have yet to get his 3 month pics done (I like to do every three months the first year since they change sooooo much!)...We have taken candids, but not as many and I haven't printed ANY aside from one here and there off my at home printer. I have thought about his baby book, but haven't purchased anything, no less started it. Hopefully I will catch up soon....

10. Check out my Ah-Mazing sister!! The green monster has reared its ugly head a copuple times...but I am SOOOOO proud of her! I am secretly hoping htat continues running so that it can be something we do together :)

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  1. Thanks for #10 :) (Probably not going to keep running, but I'm sure you'll catch right up to me as soon as you start working out again.