Thursday, October 27, 2011

Roy G Biv

10 Things Thursday...

1. Not only does Charles know his alphabet and numbers, he also kows the colors of the (official) rainbow. And will recite them for you if asked. He also likes to carry around the correct color crayons that make up the rainbow...that he managed to find in the box. W showed him the names once and now he knows which is which. Amazing!

2. He colored a rainbow in the carpet today. oh so naughty. But then tried to wipe it up.

3. I have a new JOB!! yay!! It's a promotion in a new company, 15 minutes from home!!! I am so stoked about it..and even happier to be leaving where I am currently at. That is all I am going to say about it...

4. Can I tell you how amazing my husband is?? He takes care of both kids all day long yet still manags to get laundry done, floors cleaned, and dinner cooked most nights. There are some nights that I get the kids when I walk in the door but mostly he continues to help until we all go to bed. He has the patience of a saint. Love him!

5. Coming with ten things every week isn't as easy as I thought it would be!

6. W and I have been trying to foster a brotherly relationship between the two boys. Charlie spent 2 years with our undivided attention and is very independent. He has adapted very well to having a brother. We encourage him to give his brother kisses and 'talk' him...It's so cute to see him walk up to Blake, rub his head and say "hi brudder" I hope they are best friends in a few years!

7. Charlie taught himself how to do a somersault today! I have tried to teach him to no avail, but today he accidently flipped himself over and now does it all the time. It still needs some work, but he has teh concept down now.

8. I had to apply for an individual health insurance plan this easy and very quick. The new company doesn't allow enrollment into their health plan until after 90 days...not a good thing with small children. Fortunately this will work out...

9. Charlie had his first sucker ever this week!

10. Cutest.Kids.Ever!!!!

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  1. Holy Moses Charlie is doing a total Wally face in the last picture! I agree, they are super cute :)