Friday, November 11, 2011


So it seems that I have already fallen off of the "updating regularly" wagon. I seriously have no idea where my days go or how its been two weeks since I left my old job and have worked a full week at my new job. I can't say that it's heaven yet, but it is closer to home!

The boys are still doing fabulous! Blake had his 4 month well baby visit last week. he weighed in at 15lbs and was 24 3/4 inches! I am so proud to say that was ALL mama's milk!! Yes he is getting some formula now, but he didn't have any until I decided to start weaning...which is still in process. I can't seem to get the boobs to stop making milk! I am down to two pumps a day now and Blake has been getting 3 oz of breastmilk and then 2-4oz of formula depending on how hungry he is at each feeding. Although tonight I think we discovered that he doesn't like it mixed so we will be going to 3 or 4 full bottles of breast milk and then 3 or 4 full bottles of formula (he takes 6 or seven bottles a day). We'll do this until we run out of the liquid gold as I still have about 180 ounces in the freezer yet to use up along with the ounces I can still pump.

Oh and guess what happened when we started giving him bottles at night? Sleeping through the night!!! Yay! I am not 100% sure if he started sleeping through the night because he was getting more food at bed time (I seriously think I had an evening supply issue, if that makes any sense) or if its because he is eating formula and it keeps him fuller longer.. no matter, he sleeps about 10-12 hours just about every night!

I think we are FINALLY making some progress on the potty training with the big boy...Last night after I used the potty, he decided he wanted to sit on it! He wouldn't let me take off his diaper, but he did get up and sit on the potty all by himself...many many times! I cheered him on and then had him flush (which, you know, is fun for a two year old!) Tonight W was able to get him up there after his bath before getting him dressed. No pees yet in the potty, but progress none the less. Maybe by New Years?

Charlie really enjoyed Trick-or-Treating this year too! W walked the neighborhood w/ the neighbor and his kids while I stayed back with Blake and neighbor's wife. W said Charles actually knocked on doors, said trick or treat and even stood there waiting for more! Wish I could have seen it, but oh well, someone has to hand out the candy!

Lately he has become my monkey see monkey do boy...He mimics just about everything! Including the challenge on Survivor. Yep. He sure did immitate the contestants that were gathering amouthful of coconut juice and spitting it in a cup..except Charles didn't have coconut juice, nor was he spitting in a cup. Nice.

These boys make me laugh and smile!!

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