Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In the blink of an eye..

He's THREE!! Yep, my little (big) boy is turning three tomorrow! I won't be home (sad, I know) so I am posting today...

We celebrated this past Sunday with our family. It was a great party! It was nice outside so all the kids went out to play..probably the highlight for Charles as he LOVES being outside!

Here he is opening some presents. Most of his gifts were in gift bags instead of wrapped and he didn't know what to do with was sooo funny! He would pull out a piece of tissue paper and then rip it to shreds instead of looking in the bag for his gift! He made out pretty good...and our family fed into his letter addiction with alphabet toys and such. He also got a few more MobiGo games and has been playing non stop since Sunday night! (yay, I get my iPad back!)

Here he is being shy when we were singing Happy Birthday (just like his momma..I can still remember the time I went out to dinner on my birthday and my friend told the waitress it was my birthday. I turned so friends thought it was funny!)

And here he is with the cake he helped me make:

I didn't get a good picture, but it is green and blue on the inside. I went with a (minimal) Super Why theme so everything was green and blue for Whyatt. I put cut out pictures of the characters on scrapbook paper and hung them on the walls and we had green and blue balloons/plates/forks etc. The red latter 'C' is supposed to replicate the letters in the stories that go in the 'Super duper computer'.

He loved it!!

And here with momma...not looking of course!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy! You bring us amazement, laughs and joy every single day and I couldn't be more proud to be your mama!!


  1. Great job with the cake. I have no baking abilities... haha

  2. Happy birthday Charlie!!! .. how time flies.