Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eight Months!

Now that I have added pics to the seven month update..I can write the Eight month update!! Yep...I'm a slacker. Haven't been too good about keeping up witht hings lately...soo anyway...

Charles is eight months old today!! Wow how time flies!! Not much has really changed since his seven month update...just getting bigger. He did cut another tooth today so that that makes a total of four. He still isn't crawling. But he can stand by holdingon to something. We don't have to hold him up, but if we aren't careful he will fall!!

He is still fighting me on eating fruits...yesterday i managed to get him to eat a full tub of pear-pineapple, but had no success today. And lately he has even been fighting meon veggies too. Unless its squash. He is so picky. I keep trying though.. Soon we will go to finger foods. He is loving the 'puffs' right now. I want to try peas this week.

Ok so here are some pics:

Not sure how I got this super cute pose...but I love it!!

Standing all big! And yes he prefers to play on his exersaucer on the outside of it. So silly!

He can kind of hold his own bottle!! If he notices you 'helping' him, he will let go. NAd if you let him hold it on his own, he will eventually choke on it..

Finally found his toes...take his pants off and the toes go in the mouth!

Playing on the strangely warm day in November...his first time in a swing!

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