Monday, January 4, 2010

Sick baby!

Update: After talking to W again, Charlie also has croup. poor baby! There isn't anythign we can do for the croup..just let it run its course. It takes anywhere from 3 to 7 dyas to work its way through so we've got up to 4 days left of it. Ugh!

Original Post:
Charlie has a had what I thought was a cold for the last 4 or so days...then last night his congested cough turned into a dry cough and he coughed till he puked, 3 times! Also he hasn't been eating his bottles or food too good. So....

I called the Dr this AM just to be safe. W took him in and the diagnosis is an ear infection! I expected just a cold diagnosis and let it run its course... Never thought he had an ear infection. He did grab at his ear, but he's been doing that. And he didn't have a fever.

So he gets his second round of antibiotics in his short little life and hopefully he will be feeling better quickly!

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