Friday, January 6, 2012

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

...and Six months old! All rolled into one!

This year...Charles finally started to 'get' Santa! It definitely made Christmas alot more fun! He watch a lot of Caillou (yes, sadly, we watch a lot of TV at our house, but to be fair its PBS Sprout!) Christmas special and learned all about Santa. We even took him to see Santa, although once we got up there he wanted nothing to do with it!

Christmas morning he got up like any other day, got me up and then went to play. I let W sleep in and Blake wasn't up yet. So I made coffee, cleaned the kitchen and waited. Charles didn't even try to go into the room with the presents...but when I led him in, he went straight to the tree! He got an easel and it wasn't wrapped so he went right over there to check it out. Blake finally started to stir so I got him up, fed him and got W up and the fun began!

One of Charlie's big presents was a MobiGo. He LOVEs it! It took a little while to get used (and somewhat frustrating for W and I as he 'need help mommy') but he has it down now. It comes witha few games on it, you can insert cartridges (like a DS) or download games. W downloaded a game today. It is one where Charles has to fill in the missing letter..then the next level was to spell out the words. He could do by the time I got home from work. As I was watching, I asked W, how does he even know this? His response was "wait, that isn't even the most impressive part" {referring to the next level}. Amazing! I knew he would have it down within a month, but less than 2 weeks!!??

Blake got his toys too and loves them just as much! In fact there is one he loves so much that he wouldn't go to bed the other night! He just wanted to stay up and play! ;) He hung out on a blanket while Charles opened his gifts and just hung out as a happy, content, little baby!

We rang in the New Year by going out to dinner with our good neighbor friends and then came back to the house to hang out. It was interupted for a little while with Blake waking up with a him back to sleep for a few hours but then I was up most of the rest of the night with him. He is better now though...phew!

SIX MONTHS!! Can you believe it!?!? I feel like I just found out I was pregnant!! So he had his well visit yesterday...18lbs 27 in. He is the same length but a pound lighter than Charles at the same age.

This is what he is up to now:

-Trying to crawl (the Dr told us we are in troooouble!)...he gets up on all fours and has progressed from just rocking to moving either a hand or a leg and lunging forward. He now roams by either this method or rolling all over the family room!

-Eating solids..twice a day 2 TBS of cereal and 1.5-2 TBs of a fruit or a vegetable. he does pretty well. He likes cereal alot better than Charles did (He hated it!) but doesn't love the fruits/veggies as much. Its a sour face for the first few bites with just about every food.

-Sleeps from 8pm to 5/6am, up for a bottle and then back to bed till 8/9am. Naps are sporadic. Every now and then we get a good nap, but mostly he catnaps. We have gone the route of putting him in his crib for eacha nd every nap hoping that it clicks with him one of these days...

I have finally started working out again. W helped (and by helped I mean he did it) me get everything I needed set up in the basement. There is a TV and DVD player for videos and my treadmill has been moved down there as well. I am hoping to keep with it and give my sister a challenge to keep up ;). For the last two nights I have done Week 1 of Jillian Michaels Ripped in very hard. Thought I was going to die..and sadly its only 20 minutes..hmm.

and lastly ...some pics of the kids...Blake's six month photo shoot!

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  1. The first step is to know is happening... You are strong, things will get better.
    Many blessings to you and those gorgeous little ones!