Monday, February 6, 2012

And Just like that...

It's so so so very easy to fall of the weight loss/working out train. And I did it. Already. Two weeks. Damn Super Bowl.

Ok, so it was only for a day...but man was a bad day! But good eating! Yummy food. But oh soo bad. I 'planned' on having some junk yesterday for the game. Because according to W, Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday and you can't have a holiday (or a good football game) with out good food! So I bought some junk..hoping the neighbors would come by...for the game. Let me tell you...It was GOOD going down. But as soon as it was down, I regretted it. Sad.

And the scale showed it this morning. Bye bye 140's. Maybe I will see you next week.

But today...Today will be a good eating day. It's far easier to control my intake at work. I bring my lunch (there isn't anywhere really close to work to conveniently go to eat) and so right there I am limited to what I eat. It works and is great. Today I have yogurt, an orange, salad w/ a boiled egg & light dressing, and a Nature Val.ley Peanut butter thin (those are really really good! and only 90 cals.).

AND...I have every intention of getting on the treadmill tonight. I am signing up for a 1/2 marathon training program that starts 2/21 so I need to do my homework so I am ready for it.

So today, we start again!

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