Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It has begun

I started (officially) half marathon training last night! I signed up/joined an organized training program that meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays (the rest of the week I am on my own). Our first run last night consisted of a mile out, 3 hill repeats, run some more and then run back for a total of about 30 minutes. Saturdays will be a long rung..this week about 4 miles. I think. This is the first time that I am participating in this group however I have done many others when training for the Chicago marathon. It appears they are following Hal Higdon's training plans and he is the running God.

I tried, and actually did quite well, to hang with the front of our 'pack' after realizing the back was too slow even with my 18 month break from running. There was one point that I thought I was going to die and needed to stop...but I kept going and was able to hold a conversation with the guy running next to me. After it was all said and done, I felt great and can't wait to go back on Saturday. Tonight and tomorrow will be treadmill runs. By myself. Sad.

On other news.... Blake FINALLY cut his bottom two teeth! Charlie had teeth at 6 months so I have been watching his mouth like a hawk since then. He doesn't seem to be a very good teether. Sad. He is still NOT sleeping through the night. W took care of his wakings last night so I *thought* he didn't get up..nope, he was up twice. Three times if you count waking an hour after going to bed. Sigh. I hope someday it will happen. and soon.

Charles is 95% potty trained!! Woo hoo!! He does great during the day peeing in the potty and now even likes to stand. That part has become a game to him. He even wakes up dry 90% of the time. Going #2 is a whole 'nother story. We are still struggling with this...diaper or potty. It makes me sad for him that he is having such a hard time. We started probiotics a week ago. I have not seen any improvement yet but I want to give it a month or two to really get working in his system. If that doesn't work...well, he may just have to continue to tough it out.

I have seen the 140's on the scale the past three days!!! I am hoping they are here to stay and that I can get closer to the 130's. I would not be sad to see the 130's, but that would more than exceed my goal. I started getting serious about my diet and weight loss a month ago and as of today I have lost 3.8 pounds. I have lost all of the pregnancy weight from Blake! 3-ish more pounds and I will be back to my weight from before Charles... I am not sure though that my (old) clothes will fit the same even if I get down to that weight. Pregnancy really messes with the body shape...

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  1. Potty training for #2 was/is also hard for us. We did everything, even bribed him with m&m's. But he wouldn't do it until he was ready (which is seems now he is). Now night time, that's a whole other ball game, I'm not looking forward too.