Friday, February 27, 2009

Milestone Day!!

We've made it to 32 Weeks! Yay! So we made it to our first goal... now just to make it a few more weeks! Two more and I can go home..have I mentioned that before!??! ;) So I may be a little excited to actually go home...even though I will be doing much of the same as I am doing now. Atleast I will have the comforts of home and won't be asked everyday when my last bowel movement was!! Who wants to talk about that..unless you are a 4 year old boy and find poop talk amusing..

Well not much else to report..which is a good thing! It's been a quiet week for the baby...he has passed every non-stress test (NST) and I haven't had any consistent contractions. One here and there is considered normal, and would be even less of a concern if I was in the 'Normal' category!

Later I may post some belly pics...have to get those taken yet! It's been 9 weeks since the last ones and I have gotten a bit bigger!

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