Friday, February 20, 2009


The last post was written Monday (2/16) night. Since then, I have seen a Dr. (there are three in the practice I go to) everyday. Sometimes its for a couple minutes, many times it is just to 'check' on me. Since there is little to no activy there is not much to talk about.

We were doing good all week..I had my IV out last Sunday and have been able to move about my room as much as I wanted (although really the only time I am out of bed is to go to the bathroom and shower). This morning started off the same as every other day..meds at 6am and Dr visited shortly after (this particular Dr likes to do his rounds EARLY!). But then something new...cramping piercing pain in the low front center of my belly..continuaously peaking and easing. I was put on the monitor, but it wasn't showing any contractions. Shortly after that they took me down to the testing center. This is a daily monitor for contractions and also fetal activity (more on this in a minute!) Again still no real contractions, but still in pain. And it got worse back in the room an hour later.

While in testing, they were able to finally get a hold of the Dr. She ordered an IV for fluids and in preparation of starting me on magnesium again. And I was checked for any further dilation (still the same, 2-3cm) Of course at that point the pains were going away and much farther in between each one... I was kept on the monitor all day and only one real contraction was picked up. I am still a bit crampy here and there, and lots of pressure when I stand, but otherwise am doing fine.

My biggest problem currently is that I don't always feel my contractions. For anyone else this would be great..but mine are progressing the process of labor. And if I can't tell them its happening, then they won't know to check me for further progression. I am monitored 3x daily, but usually only for an hour each time. It is only more if I complain of pain or if they detect contractions during testing.

So back to today's (and yesterday's) testing...The past two days, I have been taken to testing early in the AM, right after breakfast. The few days before that, it was in the afternoon... Turns out my little guy is NOT a morning person (takes after BOTH his parents!). When they put the heart rate monitor on for him, they like to see him 'perform'. He ahs to be active enough to cause changes in his heart rate, just like our heart rate changes when we are moving around. His was to steady for too long, it ws strong still just not enough fluctuation. So he got buzzed!! Let me tell you, he does not appreciate that! The buzzing is this little device they touch to my stomach that mostly just gives concentrated vibrations to the baby to make him move...I call it getting tazed, just no electric shock! It was effective though!

So end of day..we are still pregnant and currently at 31 wks. We are still maintaining our short term goal of making it to 32 wks...only one more week to get there!

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