Friday, February 20, 2009

The first trip to the hospital..

This what I posted on my facebook after I was discharged the first time January 28..

So we had little, ok maybe not so little, scare this week: My little boy thought he might want to come a bit early!I woke up Sunday morning with what I thought was indigestion or gas...however instead of being a steady pain or pinching, the pain was every 5 minutes that completely subsided in between. after about half hour of watching the clock and timing when the pains came, I decided we should go to the hopsital just to make sure. Inititally they thought maybe just dehydration and so an entire bag of fluids was pumped into me in about 10 minutes. When that didn't work, I got a shot of Terbutaline. That was like a shot of speed! After the terbutaline, the Dr came to examine me and found I was 2 cm dialated. That is when I got nervous. And then I was whisked over to Rockford Memorial where the NICU is just in case. In the mean time I was started on Magnesium sulfate and given a shot of steroids to help the baby's lungs develop a bit faster.I contracted all day, watching the monitors I was attached to. I was having them fairly regular, about every two minutes. I felt them come on and subside, however they weren't painful anymore (thankfully!) At bedtime, I rolled over to my side to sleep and that brought on a few painful contractions. I was given a shot of dialudid in the hopes that it might also help stop the contractions, as well as motrin. FINALLY the contractions stopped Monday morning.I was a zombie all day Monday. Those drugs were awful. I was fianlly taken off the magnesium at 4pm, transferred OUT of labor and delivery (into High Risk), and put on Pro-Cardia. I have not had a a contraction since Monday morning!

My little boy handled it like a falters at all in his heartrate and since being off all the drugs, he is more active then ever. All scans show that he is looking good and is still comfortable in there! They let me out this morning on bed rest. So no working, partying, shopping, etc for me until I am 36 weeks...EIGHT WEEKS AWAY!!

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