Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The past couple days...

Charlie and I have been hanging out and making due without Daddy :(. But we've been having some fun too!

We apparently have an abundance of wildlife around our new house!! I noticed this little chipmunk guarding our front lawn yesterday:
I tried to get a pic of him outside (this was through the window) but as soon as I opened the door he ran. I noticed a few babies frolicking int eh backyard this morning
I also inherited some rose bushes from the previous home owner. Thesee flowers are from my backyard:
Aren't they gorgeous? You can see another picture of one of my flowers here

This little guy and his mommy came to visit us on Monday:
Our visits always go way too fast, but we always have a lot of fun!

And these two little guys, Bud (in blue) and Sonny came with their Momma yesterday:

Bud even took a little nap in Charlie's bouncy seat!

I met their momma while we were both 'trapped' in RMH for 30+ days. Diane, in the testing room, would always bring us tot he testing room together so we could chat and get some social interaction in. We have kept in touch and her boys are just darling! We are both so thankful that we ended up with healthy babies after going into pre-term labor at 27 weeks.
We also headed up to the hospital yesterday to see some of the nurses and staff that took care of us! They were all happy to see the outcome of the care the provided. They said they don't usually get to see the babies once they have gone home. We also stopped by the NICU. Iw as able to see Denise and Charlie was all smiles and giggles for her. Too bad I am not so good with getting my camera out and didn't snap a single picture! (although I am sure Denise is thanking me for that!)

Lets not forget a few pics of the little man.

We were supposed to go to Lake Summerset today, but Charles has had a busy couple days and it caught up with him today so we are resting. Tomorrow Our new couches come. Woo-Hoo!! So maybe Friday if Charles is feeling better we might make another attempt to go out to Lake Summerset.


  1. The little man is sooo big!! he is georgeous. Nice to see you are enjoying the new house and your vacation time.

  2. Charlie or Charles.... what am I supposed to call this boy!?