Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A whole lot of awesome-ness!

I tried two new things tonight:
1) I switched out C's bottle nipples for 'Level 2s'. Lately it seemed that he was working harder to get his food and wasting more energy. Result: 7oz in 20 minutes!! (6oz of water and 3 scoops of formula=7oz) AND (the bonus) not a single spit up!! I don't know that we will continue to give him 7oz on a regular basis, but I think we might up his usual 5 to 5.5 or 6?

2) After said bottle, it was time for bed. We started the usual routine of laying on my chest and rocking/patting. I think he got to sleep, but when I got up to put him to bed he woke up. WIDE awake it seemed. I put him in anyway. Result: C puts himself to sleep!! He pushed up into a half push-up like when he does tummy time and I patted his back a few times, but he wasn't fussing so I walked away (I had new nipples to wash!). Through the monitor, I heard a couple peeps, but no cries and by the time I was done with bottles, he was OUT!! I usually have to rock/pat him for an hour, sometimes two. LOVE it!

I am hoping the combo of the two items above results in some awesomeness we had up until this last weekend: sleep till morning! The last few nights he has been getting hungry and waking at 3am. Does not bode well for a mommy who tries (most mornings unsuccessfully) to get up at 5:30 am! Although, I do love the smiles we get at 3am (even if he is supposed to still be sleeping!)

Oh and I got on the scale at home with the little guy. Result: 13.2lbs!! He is still small for his 'actual' age, but so much bigger than where he started. His little legs are getting chubs!!

Well I better get to bed to take advantage of his sleep time..I am wiped!

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