Friday, June 19, 2009

3 Months!

(a few Days Late)
I can't believe it's been three months already!!! He is getting so big and interactive more and more everyday. He even moves a bit...when we put him on a blanket or in his crib, we sometimes find him in another corner or turned the other way. He is generally fussy in the evenings, but I usually still get a few good smiles!!

Here are some pictures from this week:

Cranky pants...this is how he is off and on in the evenings.
Daddy took this one of him smiling for me...

Having a chat with Dad...

Waking up from a nap on the floor...

We are all moved in now and just have the small things to put away.
Charlie is doing great in his own room (hopefully I can get some pics up early next week of his room)!! He has gone back to sleeping through the night again, which is so awesome for me. And he is up to taking 6.5 oz bottles every 3hrs during the day.
W is loving all the new room we have too. He got his xbox all set up and has his own little area in what should be a formal dining room. (His stuff will move downstairs when the basement is finished next year). We also got a new king sized bed...lots of room for both of us! He even got handy this week and fixed the master shower (it had two settings, HOT and COLD!). I have to get the dryer looked at seems to be 'melting' any synthetic material (like quilt batting) and it affected charlie's quilt that was hand-made by his grandma.
We ordered a new couch this week too..that should be in within a week or two. So with that I think (and hope!) that we are done spending money for awhile!!
Next week W is heading up to go fishing with is Dad and I have the week off work..I am looking forward to a week of bonding with Charlie and hanging out with some friends! One of the Moms I met while I was hospitalized is bringing her twin boys out to see us on Tuesday. I am so very excited to meet them and see their momma again! A former neighbor may also be coming to visit...and ofcourse some family time is in order: Sister, Cousin-in-law... fun times ahead next week. There will definitely be a few updates next week, with pictures!

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  1. He certainly is one precious little munchkin.