Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 21..

Yep, you read that right, I have been here for 21 DAYS!!! It has been long and quick at the same time. Weird. So tomorrow starts our fourth week as in-patient. This coming Sunday will mark 6 weeks on bedrest. Again, weird.

I am what you could call a go-getter. Most of the time. I think I needed this rest. Really needed it. But am also really sad that it took my baby to be at risk for me to finally sit down and relax. It is very draining to always be after something... a degree, a promotion, a race with a PR, staying healthy, getting in that next workout. Obviously most of this stuff has been put on hold, even prior to bedrest, but somethings were still in process.

It's also an incredible amount of stress, and compunded with the current economy, to know that I will be the sole bread-winner for our family. I wouldn't have it any other way as I am extremely happy to know that someone I love and trust will be taking care of our child, but that just means I have to work that much harder at my job to be promoted, make money (more would be nice) and not get fired! (Currently my employer has been UNBELIEVABLY understanding through the current 'crisis'-I have it good right now).

W has also been awesome through all of this! (I can't not mention him! Love him!) He has really picked up on doing the things I won't be able to do to get ready for the baby and has been here for me EVERY day! He does laundry too...amazing! (Yes he has kind of been picking out my clothes for me, things don't always match or fit or may not be what I usually wear...but I can't complain!) He just keeps telling me to 'keep that baby in!' I'm trying, I'm trying... ;)

Well I have about 10 more days in-patient..unless something happens. When I get home it will be more bed rest until 36 weeks. After that I get to go back to life 'as usual', but most likely will still be working from home. Of course, I say all this as if we are going to go to full term...

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