Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Changes are Coming!!

Only two more days till W and I own a home together!! I am so excited to have my own place again! This past week MIL has been on vacation in Kansas so have had a trial run, if you will, of it being just us. And let me tell you...I LOVE IT!! I miss having the freedom of moving around my house as I will and being able to walk around naked (ok I don't really do that!), cook whatever I want.. and not worry about messing with someone else's home. MIL may say I had the freedom, but I, myself, did not. I just don't take those kind of liberties in someone else's home because I know how I would be if someone were staying with me. And really it's HER house...I am very grateful to her for letting me stay there and everything she has done for us over the past 7 months! She will be glad to have her house back as well!

So we close on Friday...I think we might be going to get the paint tonight to paint EVERY room!! W will be doing all of that too since I will have the baby. I may have my sister watch the baby for a few hours on Sunday so I can help a little bit! (And because I can't relinquish 100% control over how/when things get done!) Hopefully he can work fast and get the whole house done in a week..but he is limited as to when he can work on the house because I still have to work so he will have Charlie all day. We also have new carpet for every room coming...courtesy of the seller! (It was part of the contract!!!) I am hoping to be moved in in two weeks, no later. I think we can get enough done to move in by then (we have a wedding next weekend so that slows things down a bit...).

This also means Charlie gets his own room!! YAY! Right now he sleeps at the foot of the bed in his crib. And I hear every noise he it will be nice for him to be in his own room. And good for him too!! Hopefully he transitions well! We already bought a monitor so I may still hear everything but I am happy for him to be in his own room!

Charlie is now 'sleeping through the night'!! At least by the medical definition...The routine has become for him to take a bottle between 8 and 9pm, go to bed, wake up for one bottle around 3, go back to bed, wake up for the day around 7. He still eats every three hours and today he wants to eat every two..growth spurt maybe?!?!

Oh, and no, I never posted where he falls in the percentile ranges for his height and weight because according to the charts, he is in the 10th percentile. BUT those charts are for full term, average babies. He was a preemie. So really...I have no idea where he falls! And W can't remember what the Dr said. All we know and care about is that he is growing! And as long as he keeps growing, all is good!

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