Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Stats!!

Charlie just got back from his two month well-baby check..and shots!! (no I couldn't take him...one of the sad things about me working, Daddy gets to take him to the Dr.)

W said he only cried because his legs got held down! The actual shots themselves didn't bother him, and he was passed out cold immediately after! W is still going to give him tylenol throughout the day to counteract any possible side effects.

So the new measurements are: weight 11lbs 5oz; length 21 1/2 in. (I will update later with where he falls in the percentile range)

Overall the Dr said he is doing great! And that he is a perfect baby!! (of course he is, lol!) No issues or concerns with him as long as he keeps eating and growing!

Speaking of eating...Charlie is trying to be a big boy and eat 6ozs every now and then! Sounds great, but it really is too much for him as he tends to throw up a bit later (not just spit up). We try to just let him eat what he wants..no force feeding. And he usually tells us when he is done (he gets tight lipped and won't take the bottle!) But if he takes it or wants it, we let him have it. I am thinking we might have to control that a bit more going forward. Or maybe he will eat more less often!?!? He is getting so big and already going longer between bottles at night..

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  1. Weehii!!! he is a big boy now... you go Charlie!!