Friday, May 29, 2009


We have the house! It took only 20 minutes to go through all the closing documents and sign we were driving away it felt so surreal, as if someone were going to stop us and tell us it didn't go through or something bad. Everything just went so smooth that it seems too good to be true!

W now has his work cut out for him..he is painting EVERY room (walls and ceiling) over the next few days! We purchase 13 gallons of paint last night! I will have to stop by at some point this weekend to get pics of him painting. I am not allowed to stay long though...W doesn't want the baby around the paint 'fumes'! It's not like we are using lead based or asbestos! really he will be fine there for a few minutes! W is soooo protective of little C!

Also bonus to us...the carpet isn't in yet! Why is this a bonus? worries about dripping paint! So as soon as the paint is dry and the carpet is in...we will be moved! Hopefully within a week or so...

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