Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back at work..

Today is my second day back at work..a tad bit more productive than the first! LOL!!

Charlie is safe at home with his daddy..and I didn't even cry on my way to work! I knew he was in good hands....

I did get my promotion, however the increase is not what it should have been. And I have good solid evidence that they are under paying me: my ocunterpart that is making $10k more and DOES NOT have the MBA or CPA that I have..hmm, something wrong with this picture???? I addressed it with my boss and he is now looking into the other supervisor's salary and job description to make me comparable. I told him that I do not have to be equal, but I need to be treated fairly. They can't give one employee a 20% increase and then tell me that HR only allows 10%. Not ok...
I got a new boss too...he appears to be about my same age but is two positions above where I am...but he comes from public accounting and they learna nd progress much faster in that environment. I am happy where I am...those public accountants have no free time the first ten years of their career.

Well that's it for now..seeing as I am at work, I should probably work!

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