Friday, May 1, 2009


Check out how much my little man has grown since we brought him home!

(you can't really tell but that is also the same outfit!)

And Charlie 'played' with his cousin Lincoln who is 6 months old...

Not much else to report (can you tell I've relaxed some!?!? no more frantic posts!) Charlie is still doing really great! He sleeps well in his bed at night and we are working on naps during the day still. And he eats 3.5-4oz every three hours consistently...'s normal, boring baby stuff!

How about a little about me!??! What, you only want to hear about Charlie? Too bad!

I went for my 6 week follow up appointment the other day...I am now resume life as a 'normal' person. No more restrictions! No more bed rest! And I don't have to go back for a year! Yay! Unfortunately that also means I have to go back to work soon :( only one more full week off...I started working out last week, mostly walking but added a bit of jogging Wednesday. I am still sore (not the beely though..the legs!). But I hope to be able to continue adding and get back up to my distance and pace within the next month or so. I am wanting to run a half marathon this fall and really get back in the swing of things.

The one thing the Dr and I didn't tlak about was future pregnancies. I do know that I will be considered high-risk from the moment I get pregnant though. She briefly mentioned at the last appointment that pre-term labor would start earlier in the next pregnancy. That is slightly devastating to me because 27 weeks was too early and I can't imagine being on bedrest or int he hospital longer. Not to mention that the baby would likely come earlier..and also I will have a toddler at home next time! There are some things that I will do differently right off the bat though, like not working overtime, possibly even working only part time in the office and making sure I get lots of rest. Obviously this is all pretty far off in the future..but I like to plan and be prepared!

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