Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Lots of things happening right now!! (sorry this post is not about the little man!)
  • W and I are putting an offer on a house today! It's a great house for the money, we just have to do a few minor things. Like put some type of flooring down (the entire first floor is sub-flooring). You can see it here (there is carpet in the pics, but it's gone now)
  • I head back to work next week. Very sad for me BUT I just got off the phone with one of my bosses and my PROMOTION is getting finalized this week, as in before I get back!!! I have been waiting (and talking about it) for the last year!
  • I will also have a new boss next week as well. My current boss is tranistioning into a new role and they have already filled his spot. I am not a fan of change, especially when I have sucha great relationship with my current bosses, but I hear he is smart and has personality (something hard to find in the accounting world)
So keep your fingers crossed that the offer goes through...if it doesn't, we are back to looking at more houses. I am sooooo very excited to have my own place again! I am grateful for the generosity of MIL, but W and I need to be a family with Itty Bitty in our own place.

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