Monday, August 17, 2009

Another week gone by

Time goes by way way way too fast these days. My days (when I am not at work) seem so robotic (explanation to come) that before I know it it's bed time again. Explanation: We (charlie and I ) get up, eat, have a bottle, play, nap and we go through that cycle 4-5 times during the day. Really I LOVE it, but the day sure goes by way to fast. So fast in fact that Charlie is already FIVE months old!!

We did have some excitement this weekend. A good friend celebrated her 29th birthday with a pool party and we spent Saturday afternoon over there. Charlie swam a bit but I didn;t get in so he couldn't stay in very long. And then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the lawn (in the shade of course!) His first big day outside! He went to bed a bit early that noght and slept for OVER 12 hours! He was tired!

Sunday we went to my Mom's to visit her and get some tomatoes (her garden is exploding with tomatoes right now). That also entails a visit with Gus, her big hyper golden retriever. Charlie totally dug the dog! Gus couldn't get enough of him! But Charlie never flinched, cried or whined the entire time, even when Gus tried to take his blanket and may have nipped his toes and hands. He even cracked a few half smiles at the dog! I loved it since I want a dog next year.

Sunday also brought a visit from Danyel and her two boys. Lincoln is getting so big and both boys poked at each other a bit! I can't wait til they can actually play together!

So its back to the grind again this week...I sure could use some time off! (Because you know 15 weeks at the beginning of the year wasn't enough!) Next week I will be home for two days and I can't wait!! We are taking Charlie to his (most likely) last NICU follow up appointment on Tuesday. Our regular Dr says he is all caught up, so I am guessing the NICU clinic won't need to see him anymore. And then the other day I am just relaxing..maybe getting caught up (or atleast a couple months) on Charlie's baby book. I am so far in hardly started! I need to get on that so I don't have a full year to do all at once! My sister was kind enough to get all the stuff for me so I really need to put it together.

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