Friday, August 7, 2009

He's a mover!!

So I had every intention of posting som epics this morning, but I forgot to bring the connector cord to work with me to download the pics I want to post!

So let me just tellyou what they are all about!

We put Charles to bed sometime between 8 and 9pm everynight. And he is a tummy sleeper and we put him length wise in the crib. MOST nights he sleeps all the way through (Thursday night he was up 2 times). So last night it was businsess as usual...and he slept all night. I heard him through the monitor at 6 am so I went in to get him, and what did I find? Charles is 1) on his back and 2) turned 90 degrees so his feet are pointing to the side of the crib! Mind you he NEVER rolls over if you are paying attention to him!! But it seems every morning he wakes up and rolls over before letting us know he is awake!

Tomorrow Charles and I are going on our first 'Road Trip'! We are heading to Peoria for my running partner's baby shower (obviously we haven't been running together lately!) and also going to visit my BFF nad college roommate! I am looking forward to a great time with her, even though it won't be our usual 'routine' visit!!
I am both anxious and excited! I haven't traveled that far or driven that long with him so I hope he does ok. I am trying to schedule our drive in between bottles and during times he would normally be sleeping. And in my head right now I am thinking of ALL the things I need to pack for the know, just in case somehting happens!!

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