Sunday, August 23, 2009


A blog post that is NOT about the baby! You may not want to read if you only want to know about Charlie!! lol!
This was the first weekend that W and have had NOTHING going on. We were finally able to make some real progress on the yard. W wants to take everything out, I would like to keep some of our nice bushes, but I am losing the battle. He is letting me re-landscape the fron and back...just no big bushes, and nothing that overhangs the sidewalk.
So here is what we got done (I don't have any before pics, so just picture in your head overgrown plants and weeds in all areas that are now dirt!)

And this is what still needs to be done...
-W wants tot ake all these pine bushes out..after it's all out I will just seed this so its grass all the way to the house.
-And these crab apple trees are planted randomly in the middle of the yard..there were four and only two are alive now. They will be gone to open the yard up for the kids and dogs (you know, when we have more kids and get some dogs)

And this is just W working...he loves that I took his picture and posted it (well, he would if he knew I did this...hee hee!)

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