Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I haven't participated in a few weeks, so certainly I have some "Not Me's" to share!

First, I did not ignore my child's screaming on the last hour of our 2.5 hour drive home, hoping that he would just fall asleep. Nope. Not me.

I certainly did not update my blog while working, on the busiest day of my month! Nope I wouldn't put the reports due to the VP on hold while I update you and teh fact that my son can now roll over in bed!

I did not flip out on W yesterday when he didn't do what I wanted him to do when I wanted him to do it. I mean afterall he manages to take care of the baby and get stuff done right? So why can't I? It certainly wasn't 90 degrees with 100% humidity today so Charles could have certainly sat out side with me while I pulled weeds...Yea. Not so much.

I did not call my sister every day last week. Atleast I don't think it was every day...but it was pretty darn close! She loves that I call her to chat while I am driving homefrom work! Because I never call her about nothing...

I did not drag my 5 month old son two and a half hour away from home to attend a baby shower and see a friend. He did so well, that he promptly spewed his entire bottle on a random guest of said shower whilst I was trying to get food. Oh yea and I certainly wouldn't pawn him off to a stranger to hold while I selfishly try to feed myself! Overall, well worth the trip!

I'm sure I have many other faults from the last month or so..but can't think of them. I seriously have way too many things going on to remember everything!

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