Monday, August 24, 2009

No focus..

Lately, I can't focus on ANYTHING!

It's Monday morning, I have plenty of work that needs to be tended too, but I can't get my head 'in the game'.

All I want to do is be home with W and Charles...I have the next two days off, but what about the days after that? And the weeks after that??

I also can't seem to make myself workout and eat healthy consistently enough to lose the baby weight I am still holding onto..about 10lbs to get back my pre-baby physique.



  1. I can relate on not being able to focus ... I open my cellphone 20 times during the day so I can see the pictures of Sofia....
    Good luck finding time to workout let me know how once you find a way :0)

  2. Suleyka- When I do is usually on my lunch or after Chalres goes to bed. The problem is right now I just don't WANT to do it :( And yet I always feel so much better when I actually workout...