Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2-Tues Mar 17

Ok I'm calling it day two since he was born in the afternoon, and I didn't really see him until Monday.
Today didn't start so well for me...woke up with pain. As if someone cut my stomach open...oh yeah, they did. I got pain meds and I was all good.
I spent most of my day with Charlie in the NICU. He is stil doing fabulous. No oxygen, no apnea machine, no IVs. He is holding his own temperature and blood sugars. He was a little jaundiced, but nothing big. He has a slight yellow tinge to his face. I was able to give him his bottle every feeding from 9am on. He is doing so good that NICU wanted to release him to the Newborn nursery (my room), but they wouldn't take him. The newborn nursery likes babies to be atleaset 35wks gestational age. We aren't there yet...BUT this is very promising for him to come home with me tomorrow!!!

Here are some pics to enjoy!

Dwarfed by Daddy's hand!

Proud papa!

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  1. Congratulations!!!
    He looks gorgeous and I'm very happy he is doing great...Many Blessings, hope you feel better soon and that he gets to go home with you when you are discharge.