Friday, March 6, 2009

Milestone Day!!

Yep it's Friday..another week and another milestone! 33 Weeks! And only one more week til I go home for...oh who knows, a couple days? Even though I will be on 'bedrest' still when I go home, it's soooo much easier to just do things yourself than to have someone wait on you. I will try really really hard to let W or whoever is around to get me what I need, but lets face it, I will be just slightly more active at home.

The OB practice I go to has three Drs and I have gotten to know each one pretty well since I see one of them EVERY day! They are for the most part on the same page as to my care and keeping my baby in, but each has their own feeling about when it would be ok to deliver...of course all of them want to wait as long as possible. Dr. M is wanting me to hit atleast 34, fortunately that is only one more week. Dr. H says they will try to stop labor between 34 and 36 weeks, but probably won't try too hard. And Dr. J still feels that I will not make it to 36 weeks. Part of wonders if all this 'commotion' is necessary...I haven't been contracting and as far as we know nothing else has changed, but we haven't had a physical exam since Feb 20.

I also learned for certain where I will deliver..if it's before 36 weeks, I will come back to Rockford Memorial, for the high risk NICU. But if I make it to 36 wks, I can go to St Anthony (where I was originally going to deliver at). They have a NICU but it is basic where near the level of RMH.

*Dr. H happened to stop by while I was typing this...and there is a slight change to my going home status: If I have dilated any further than what I am currently at (2-3) or if there are any further changes between now and next Friday, I have to stay :( So let's hope for no changes!! Also, we will get another ultrasound next week to check his growth...although I can tell you I don't need an ultrasound to tell you that he is most definitely growing!!!!

Nothing else to report...which I like, but makes for boring posts. :)

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