Friday, March 13, 2009

Milestone Day!!

No baby yet...

We made it to 34 weeks!! After I was re-admitted on Feb 11th with a shortened cervix, the Drs. did not expect me to make it this far, now they are hoping for one more week. Seriously.

So you are probably wondering what about all the commotion from Tuesday... Dr. H didn't want to check me unless somehting else happened (more contractions, water breaking, etc). But I was able to convince her during rounds yesterday to check me today. Also we had contractions last night. Keeping in mind the Dr will break my water at 7-8cm, and combined with more contractions, I was really really hoping (and selfishly) that I would have magically progressed. NOPE. I am now just a solid 5cm dilated- still 5 more to go. And since they won't doing anything to speed things up, here I sit, waiting. Again. (or still..)
And after this exam, we did not have the same reaction as Tuesday either. I cramped for a little while and have since returned to having nothing going on. Right after the exam, my nurse suggested not having breakfast incas I got moved to Labor & Delivery...I laughed. I refuse to sit here all day not eating 'just in case'. W was already on his way with McD's anyway (he tried to make it for the exam but dr came early today) way was I not going to eat that...yumm!

As for the 34wk milestone, at this point all the baby is doing is putting on weight. In a normal pregnancy, he would also be further developing his lungs, but we got steroids so he should be ok in that regard! :) The last thing we were waiting for at 34wks was the sucking reflex (to eat). So although I am selfishly wanting the baby to come so that I can get up, I know that he will be healthy, small, but healthy, when he does decide to make his appearance!

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