Saturday, March 21, 2009

Days 5 & 6

Well, he got a feeding tube put in on Thursday night. However they disn't have to use it until we came for the 9am feeding :(. The rest of his feedings went really well and the tube was only used once more during the day. I have been trying to stagger my times up there for feedings so as to also get some rest myself ass well as get some pumping time in. But yesterday I needed to spend some more quality time with my son. Stacie took me up there for the 3pm feeding and I stayed through the 6pm feeding..both of which he ate the entire bottle. I loved just sitting there snuggling with him.

Overnight he did ok, except for the midnight feeding. According to the nurse he had absolutely no interest in feeding and so she pumped nearly the entire feeding. W and I both found this odd as he has always sucked down atleast half of his bootle at each feeding... Most of the remaining feedings went well and he took a whole bottle for me at 9am. Aunt Stacie came again and this time she got to hold him for a minute! (momma hogs her time since we try to let him sleep as much as possible!)

The 3pm feeding didn't go as well..he only ate half before being pumped. oh well. I would much rather see him get the food so he can get stronger and eat better soon. He has to go a full 24hrs with out having to use the tube before he can even consider going home. So each time we use it, we are figuring another two days.

Charlie finally maintained his weight Thursday night and GAINED 1oz lasst night!! Yay we are finally on the right track! His feedings are now up to 44ml minimum.

The lactation consultant came by while we were there today..she made some great suggestions for increasing my milk supply and also for bonding with him. We are going to do some 'kangaroo' snuggling tonight. This is where we snuggle skin to skin with him on my chest. He needs his momma smells! This should also trigger my body into saying 'there is a baby to feed: make more milk'. Lets hope it works because right now I am not producing enough to keep up with his feedings.

I am still rather swollen from surgery and the fluids that were pumped into me. But feeling pretty good. I purchased a post-partum support belt yesterday and it is doing wonders for me! I have considerable less pain and can move better wearing it.

It's my time to rest before pumping and heading back up to the hospital..I'll try to post some pics tomorrow if I find some time. Now that I have some freedom I might go to W's nephew's hockey games...So far I have missed all of them! At some point I also need to go see my nephews...They are anxious to meet their new cousin!

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